Cowardly Lions No More? Matt Millen Out In Detroit

Geoff TownsendAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2008

God has not forgotten about you Lions fans.  If there are any of you left out there, that is.

Matt Millen, long blamed for the Lions problems and their owning the third worst winning percentage in the NFL, announced he was leaving the position today.  No word on whether he will be thrown out by his under-producing offensive tackles or if he will walk out with the embarrassing photos he must have of William Clay Ford under his own power.

As the General Manager and Team President, Millen was at the helm of the NFL's Titanic as they mustered a 31-84 record, winning only one playoff game.  The Lions have become another bye week, essentially. 

Perhaps now, though, the cowards in the front offices will do the right thing and force Barry Sanders out of retirement, lure Tom Brady away from New England and steal the O-line out of the Mile High City.

Maybe then the Lions will play less like tabbies and more like the Lions they are supposed to be.