Is It Time for the Lions to Bench Jon Kitna?

Tony PrestonCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

So far, through three games in 2008, the Lions are in an 0-3 hole and it doesn't look like they will improve.  John Kitna has thrown for 684 yards and five touchdowns and five interceptions, and been sacked 12 times.

Maybe it is time for the Lions to make a change at QB.  The Rams, who are also 0-3, have decided to take out Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green.

The Lions have two options: Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton.  Both are pretty much unknowns when it comes to the NFL.

Orlovsky has seen minimal playing time and Stanton has seen none.  Orlovsky came into the game against San Francisco when Kitna went down with a knee injury and on his first play threw an interception.  Stanton has been dealing with a thumb injury recently, but says he expects to be 100 percent by the game against Chicago.

I think Stanton is the best option to replace Kitna.  He has the mobility that will help him avoid some sacks, since the Lions' offensive line might be better if they used tackling dummies (the dummies wouldn't be called for as many false starts and holding penalties). 

If the Lions lose two or three more games they are almost assured of missing the playoffs yet again, and by that time Stanton should have ample time to recover and get some practice in and then get some game experience.  Even if he doesn't win it will help prepare for the next season and see what the Lions have.