WWE: Potential Wrestlemania 27 Card and the Possible Introduction of Sting

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIFebruary 16, 2011

WWE: Potential Wrestlemania 27 Card and the Possible Introduction of Sting

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    With the return of The Great One Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the WWE, HBK being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and Stone Cold and Booker T involved in Tough Enough, not only is this year's Wrestlemania already getting much needed publicity, but the whole weekend is shaping up to become one of the most memorable of all time. As publicly released, the Hall of Fame will be held on the night before Wrestlemania, but shown an hour before Monday Night RAW starts, and with Tough Enough and the fall outs and stories coming out of Wrestlemania, it is going to be incredible.

    We have had a lot of fall outs and rivalries in the past month. From Superman Cena and Nexus, to Cena and New Nexus, Cena and Corre to Cena and The Miz. Orton vs Miz, Orton vs Nexus, Orton vs Corre, Orton vs New Nexus, Orton vs CM Punk etc. Do you see what is wrong there? The same names over and over again headlining and taking over each RAW and PPV, but the WWE Championship does not get the same treatment. We have had a good feud with Miz and Lawler, and Sheamus and John Morrison. But now WWE have confused us with Sheamus going after Mark Henry? Morrison going after Punk? 

    Anyways, my prediction for the pinnacle WWE event of the year is as follows in this slideshow...

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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    Money in the Bank is one match type the WWE Universe (or Galaxy or whatever) gets excited about. But for some reason WWE thought OK, the people enjoy it so let's give them a PPV based around it. Well that ruins it for the exclusiveness and tradition of Money in the Bank, but nevertheless we got over the other PPVs and soon we will do about this. Money in the Bank is still a great spectacle, with eight wrestlers vying for the chance to get that briefcase hung 20 feet above the ring and the only way to retrieve it is to get a ladder and pretend your struggling to climb it then when your hands are on it you are struggling to open the latch, someone will come knock you out, but when all wrestlers are down, the superstar will easily open the latch to retrieve the briefcase. A match full of high flying, death defying moves and acrobatic techniques, the Briefcase allows the superstar to cash it in for a World Title or WWE Title shot anytime within the 12 months. But as we saw with The Miz, you can cash it in and win the title but still get your slave to carry the briefcase around.

    There are many wrestlers deserving of being in the match and also because they have no other feud would probably be in the match. Cody Rhodes has been funny as hell in his new gimmick and we know he has a feud with Mysterio. But I do not see it as a Wrestlemania singles match and believe both will be in the MITB match. R-Truth and John Morrison (who would do the Shelton Benjamin type moves) are a shoe in to be in the match, along with the returning Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.


    Money in the Bank Ladder Match

    Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth vs John Morrison vs Evan Bourne vs Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre.


    Iqzy's Prediction: I can see John Morrison winning this. They have highlighted John Morrison a whole lot lately, giving him a new character and attitude. He also gets a huge pop when he enters the ring. A dark horse would be Drew McIntyre.

Intercontinental Title Match: Kofi Kingston (C) Vs Jack Swagger

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    These two phenomenal athletes have had some exciting matches, just like how Miz and Bryan had exciting matches. The Intercontinental Championship has become relevant again. Kofi has impressed me a lot in the past year with his mic work, his attitude and in ring ability. Swagger's wrestling ability is one of the best in the WWE, with his amateur background but his mic work needs a bit of touching up. But I can see these two battling it out for the prestigious championship at the prestigious event.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

    Kofi Kingston (C) vs Jack Swagger


    Iqzy's Prediction: I can see this becoming one helluva match, with Kofi retaining to carry his reign on and become a long time champion.  

No Holds Barred Match: Sheamus Vs Triple H

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    There's no secret HHH will be returning to the ring before Wrestlemania as he is being scheduled for house shows after Wrestlemania. But we had this match last year, do we really want to see this match again? Well with the returning HHH after the injury caused by Sheamus, why not have HHH come back as a pissed off character leading up to Wrestlemania, and them two colliding in a No Holds Barred match. See them both tear each other apart around the arena would add more emotion to the match. 

    We have recently seen Sheamus in a feud with John Morrison which actually looked like excelling to a mindless feud with Mark Henry (WTF?), but it is all a stepping stone for the Cerebral Assassins return.


    No Holds Barred Match

    HHH vs Sheamus


    Iqzy's Prediction: HHH will win hands down. Hopefully a brutal match.

Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match: New Nexus Vs The Corre

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    Nexus had been a breath of fresh air in a long time when they got introduced last year till that same week Bryan got fired for giving us the funniest highlight of the year by choking Justin Roberts with a necktie. The group consisting of NXT Season 1 winner and rejects going after the number 1 person in the WWE, it allowed the rookies to be noticed. It had then escalated to Wade Barrett getting chucked out of Nexus after months, with CM Punk taking over, and recruiting the Batista lookalike Mason Ryan. We had seen Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver being gone via injuries. Wade Barrett was drafted to Smackdown and created his own group called Corre consisting of him and Nexus rejects Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, and with the addition of that genetic freak Ezekiel Jackson. The group's motto is "we are all equal". I like the two factions, and Corre seem unpredictable after being shown as a Nexus V2.0 after the chance of them attacking Theodore Long, but spoilers have shown it is to be someone else. So stay tuned because only one of these groups will stay intact after Wrestlemania!


    Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Loser Faction Disbands.

    Nexus (Mason Ryan, David Otunga, Michael McGuillicutty, Husky Harris or Skip Sheffield vs The Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson)


    Iqzy's Prediction: Husky Harris is apparently written out of the storylines for the time being. We have seen Michael Tarver in various backstage appearances, and Skip Sheffield is being touted as a huge star for the future. So I could see either of these two returning to take Husky Harris's place, but I see The Corre winning this one with Wade Barrett and Otunga having a showdown in the end. 

CM Punk Vs Randy Orton

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    CM Punk is just like Jericho. Anything he touches turns to gold. He is phenomenal on all levels, and has shown it in various feuds he has had since he debuted in ECW in 2006. Orton has been more of a consistent superstar than Cena because his character is actually an Attitude era type wrestler of the PG era. His finishing move can be hit anywhere at anytime. CM Punk and Randy Orton have had great matches and feuds in the past and I for one do not mind these two feuding again (though found it weird the Cena/Punk feud did not escalate further). Let's hope this is not a blow off match, and continues throughout the year.


    Singles Match

    CM Punk vs Randy Orton


    Iqzy's Prediction: I see Orton winning this one cleanly.

Alex Riley Vs Jerry

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    Jerry Lawler is still over as a commentator and wrestler after all these years. Shows the credibility of the Hall of Famer. Alex Riley is ......(please fill blank). The Miz and Lawler feud has been good, and adding Michael Cole to the mix has been annoyingly OK too. Michael Cole cost Jerry Lawler his match, and I believe the same will happen at Elimination Chamber PPV. With The Miz being leashed into a feud with Cena, Cena will win the Elimination Chamber match to go for Miz's title, and Jerry Lawler will take out his frustration at Cole and Riley. Jerry Lawler gets his wish in competing in a match at Wrestlemania, and Cole gets drafted in to be the special guest referee. Would he go in favour of his long time friend Lawler, or towards his idol's assistant?

    Singles Match with Michael Cole as Special Guest Referee

    Alex Riley vs Jerry "The King" Lawler.


    Iqzy's Prediction: I can see a lot of emotions flying around here with Michael Cole being torn into who to be in favour for. Jim Ross would be drafted in to commentate on his best friend's first ever match at Wrestlemania. In the end Cole will do the right thing and count 1,2.........3 with Lawler as the winner!  

WWE Championship: The Miz (C) Vs John Cena

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    The Miz has been a main event type wrestler ever since his split from Morrison. His US Title reign still showcased him as a main event player, and then since his WWE title win he has shown that he can carry it out with the big boys. The guy deserves it since he was verbally abused in the locker room when he first joined, he has shown that he can be at the top in no time. Now that he is locked in a feud with John Cena, it will be huge for The Miz to get one over from Cena. The Rock will somehow get involved with this match in a non wrestling capacity I am sure, and will put over both stars in a single night.


    WWE Championship

    The Miz vs John Cena


    Iqzy's Prediction: The Miz will retain the title in what would be a shock. Please let this happen WWE.

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (C) Vs Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio was arguably the best new heel of last year. He came with all that flash and big expectations because of his vignettes that he actually lived up to it. He has the total package, and he is one helluva wrestler as we have witnessed in the past year, but also check him out as Dos Caras Jr. Edge is apparently still Rated R in the PG era, don't know why but anyhow, Edge is slowly going into the history books because of his world title reigns. Although that Kane feud was ridiculous, Edge has gone onto a meaningful feud with Dolph Ziggler and now has his eyes set on Alberto Del Rio. And with Del Rio injuring his best friend/brother Christian, we could see an amazing matchup between these two.

    What if Christian was to run in during the match, imagine the ovation, and we wonder what he does, if he was to help out Edge, or for some reason leave us at a cliffhanger and attack Edge. I think it is safe to say everyone wants Del Rio to win the World Title and Christian and Edge to have a storyline together.


    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Edge (C) vs Alberto Del Rio


    Iqzy's Prediction: Alberto Del Rio to win, as he has had more hype these days than Superman himself, John Cena!

Streak Vs Career? Deadman Vs The Icon? Hell, Fire and Brimstone?! HBK?

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    Undertaker, the Deadman that rises from the grave either just before Wrestlemania, or months before, wrestles for his streak then disappears till Summerslam. This year we have had crazy rumors of who the Taker would face, the 2/21/11 videos and HBK's involvement. So here I would go through the three scenarios.

    Streak vs Career - The Game vs Deadman with HBK as Special Enforcer?

    There's a rumour going around that HHH will come back to confront Undertaker over the retirement of his best friend and wants to try to end the streak of the Undertaker's himself. Then we get Shawn Michaels coming out saying he does not want retribution and the storyline progresses till the match is made official and HBK puts himself forward as the special enforcer of the match. The referee is down, does he end the career of his best friend or does he end the streak of the Deadman?

    Undertaker vs Sting?

    Ever since the 2/21/11 and the promo Sting gave in TNA about something or another, the IWC has gone crazy about Sting wrestling in the WWE for the first time, and against Taker for that matter. Why, I do not know why. They say the promos shows a scorpion in form of a little shadow for a millisecond, or Undertaker is in the cabin, so who is outside? These are just tactics WWE are using to make the videos relevant and exciting for that RAW. If Sting was to get involved, WWE would have made a bigger deal about the viral videos. And if anything, make Sting appear earlier to sell the storyline. Undertaker has not fully recovered and Sting's body would not withhold the pressure as it used to, but this goes on to the next scenario....

    Undertaker and Sting vs Kane and Wade Barrett

    With Sting and Taker not being able to showcase in a singles match with Taker's body not fully healed up and him being rushed back, not saying it would happen because I do not believe Sting coming to the WWE, what would make a logical choice is to team them both up. The 2/21/11 videos supposedly showed two figures, one inside the cabin and the other going towards it. Could this be that both have risen from their metaphorical graves and Sting helps Taker to beat the hell out of his brother Kane and Wade Barrett (who instructed Nexus to help Kane bury Taker)?


    Iqzy's Prediction: I will leave that with you guys.


    Hope you guys enjoyed the article/slideshow and please feel free to comment below.