Week Three NFL Power Rankings and a Look into Next Week

Benjamin ClarkContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

We have a new number one team this week, and it may surprise some of you.  The New York Giants have risen to the top of the rankings.  While they may not have had an overly impressive win on Sunday against the Bengals, the previous #1 Steelers dropped to the Eagles.

Remember that these rankings are based on a complex computer formula that takes into account factors related to on-field performance and strength of schedule.

Here we go for week three:

1.  New York Giants (previously ranked #2) 3-0:  They've put together a good start to the season on the legs of Earth, Wind and Fire.

2.  Tennessee Titans (3) 3-0:  I'm not sure if Vince Young coming back to start would even matter with how well the team as a whole has been playing.

3.  Dallas Cowboys (4) 3-0:  Definitely one of the best teams in the league.  Held the Packers in check the whole game.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (1) 2-1:  Tough loss to the Eagles knocked them down a few spots.

5.  Tampa Bay Bucs (5) 2-1:  Impressive comeback against the Bears - they made the adjustments that were needed to win.

6.  Buffalo Bills (6) 3-0:  Quickly becoming the forerunner in the AFC East in the year without Tom Brady.

7.  Philadelphia Eagles (12) 2-1:  Strong victory over Steelers that made up for their poor defensive performance against the Cowboys the week before.

8.  San Diego Chargers (13) 1-2:  Didn't let this one get away in the end and caused trouble for the Jets defensively.

9.  Miami Dolphins (24) 1-2:  Probably a fluke that they're this high, but that's what happens when you dominate a team on the road that was ranked 16 spots higher than you.

10.  Washington Redskins (11) 2-1:  All four of the NFC East teams are ranked in the top ten.  How's that for a strong division?

11.  San Francisco 49ers (14) 2-1:  J.T. O'Sullivan may be working magic out west.

12.  Green Bay Packers (7) 2-1:  Turned in a good performance against the better team but get penalized for losing at home.

13.  Seattle Seahawks (17) 1-2:  Julius Jones is running better than ever.  If only they could solve their issues at Wide Receiver.

14.  Arizona Cardinals (10) 2-1:  When you lose the turnover battle, you lose the game.

15.  Atlanta Falcons (21) 2-1:  Halfway to their 2007 win total already.  Turner seems to be the best free agent deal of the year.

16.  Jacksonville Jaguars (16) 1-2:  Managed to stay afloat with last second win over Indy.

17.  Carolina Panthers (9) 2-1:  How do you lose to Gus Frerotte (making him look good, too!)?

18.  New Orleans Saints (20) 1-2:  Their offense has been pretty good but that defense needs work.

19.  Chicago Bears (19) 1-2:  I wonder if letting the game get away is a symptom of an aging defense?

20.  New England Patriots (8) 2-1:  What a way to end a 20+ winning streak in the regular season.

21.  Denver Broncos (15) 3-0:  This is very odd (never had a 3-0 team this low before) but can be attributed to allowing a ton of yards and 28 points per game.

22.  Indianapolis Colts (18) 1-2:  This may be the year that Peyton Manning starts looking mortal again as the team starts to age. 

23.  Minnesota Vikings (28) 1-2:  Goodbye Mr. Jackson, Hello Mr. Frerotte.  Anybody notice that the day after I posted the rankings last week and said that Jackson is not the answer at QB, he was benched?  I wonder if Brad Childress is a fan...

24.  Baltimore Ravens (26) 2-0:  They're undefeated, yes, but they've only beat the Bengals and the Browns.

25.  New York Jets (23) 1-2:  It's starting to look a little sad to see Favre hobbling around out there throwing more and more interceptions.

26.  Oakland Raiders (27) 1-2:  Lane Kiffin could be out the door any minute, but I doubt that would make this team any better.

27.  Detroit Lions (22)  0-3:  It's starting to sound like the Fords are getting tired of Millen, too.

28.  Houston Texans (25) 0-2:  I thought they were going to make a statement this year and take another step forward.  I guess Matt Schaub had a different idea.

29.  Cleveland Browns (31) 0-3:  They didn't play well, but played better than the Chiefs and Rams.

30.  Kansas City Chiefs (29) 0-3:  QB carousel is in full motion.

31.  St. Louis Rams (30) 0-3:  Coaching carousel is about to begin.

32.  Cincinnati Bengals (32) 0-3:  They actually played their best game so far.  Too bad the rest of their games were so bad they haven't caught up to the Rams yet (for the record, they are only 0.1 point behind the Rams).


And the predictions for the upcoming week (winners in bold):

#15 Atlanta @ #17 Carolina
#29 Cleveland @ #32 Cincinnati
#28 Houston @ #16 Jacksonville
#21 Denver
 @ #30 Kansas City
#11 San Francisco @ #18 New Orleans
#14 Arizona @ #25 New York Jets
#12 Green Bay @ #5 Tampa Bay
#23 Minnesota @ #2 Tennessee
#8 San Diego
@ #26 Oakland
#6 Buffalo @ #31 St. Louis
#10 Washington @ #3 Dallas
#7 Philadelpha
@ #19 Chicago
#24 Baltimore @ #4 Pittsburgh
Bye weeks:  Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, New England, New York Giants, Seattle

Last week:  11-5, Overall:  34-13


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