Mclaren's New Frontal Lighting System (Must Read).

Ryan WoodAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2008

I have managed to obtain a secret video which shows how Mclaren Mercedes will combat the low lighting levels at the Singapore Grand Prix night race. This new Aero update will hopefully give Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen the edge.

The new lighting assistant manifold power system, or "LAMPS," will act as a guide in the dark, allowing Mclaren's drivers to see the track and blind other drivers

Ron Dennis is going to trip the electricity in Singapore, putting the city and track into total darkness.

Martin Whitmarsh has said "This will render every other car dangerous, as they will not be able to see a thing, but Lewis and Heikki will."

This is exclusive footage from the factory...

...any Ferrari engineers who copy this will be fined £50 million!

(see below for video, you must watch the video to get the article!)