A good sign

camilo calderonContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

perhaps the patriots don't have a chance without Brady...perhaps the dolphins just got lucky Sunday afternoon at Gillette stadium.  one thing is certain...there is no one i rather have in charge of an nfl franchise than mr bill parcells.....tha message has been sent, even thou i think the message was sent when mr hauzenga hired him.....it has been a loooooooooog while since i felt the way i feel about this team...and im going back to the 70's because( with all due respect mr marino) even when marino was aor quaterback ..nothing happen...and what about the jimmy jhonson's years...dont even want to think about it.....and then got worse...hiyrock botton with that gut named dave wannstted...to me, him and rick spilman are the tho worst things that ever happen to this glorious franchise....yes i said it....come on, we are still recovering from their  awful desitions, and extreamly bad drafting.....i feel bad for vikings fans, i dont know how they hire this clown rick spilman....what about the university of pitt...they are in the hands of this guy wannstted who has done nothing his entire carreer, when he took over this progran they has just gotten a bcs berth,since then it's been awful...he should  be gone after this year...anyway going back to my beloved dolphins....then we get st nick which whatever, i don't blame him for doing what he did...anybody in their right mind would have done the same thing...for that much money...a no brainier...what bothers me is the way he did it.....f@#!ngliar.....but het he dii it because he can....look at bama this year..i woul not be suprise if they get past Florida and lsu  inthe amazing sec and play and beat usc from the weak pac 10 in the national tittle...in other words the guy is a genious...dolfans nothing to worry about...we are in great hands, is only going to be a couple of years maybe less until we are contenders again....IN THE BIG FAT TUNA WE TRUST!