Boxing: Fighters Would Be More Popular If They Had A Boxing Cartoon

edgar solorzanoContributor IIIFebruary 15, 2011

For the past few years there has been many problems with promoters making the right fights and getting the right amount of money. It seems like all the good fighters are retiring in the eyes of all casual fans.

Although they are incorrect, I will not blame them for thinking negative. They have their reasons for what flies out of their mouth—think about the Holyfield Vs. Williams PPV event that tooked place last January in West Virginia. That wasn't the type of fight that fans deserved.

It is true that they are several talented fighters in the welterweight and lower divisions. However, problem is the promoters do a poor job promoting these talented fighters. The only fighters you hear about on ESPN or other TV channels are Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Why? Why? The answer is quite simple. These fighters promote themselves throughout the world, either positively or negatively.

Fighters have to promote themselves once in a while, since promoters are not willing to spend a dime on their future champion. Boxing promoters rarely try to risk something. They don't understand that fight-fans love it when promoters risk it. Risking only puts pressure in the world of boxing and pressure makes money.

But I'm not going to keep writing about why boxers should promote themselves, it's quite superfluous since it's too obvious. My fight predictions record for the last 26 fights is 25-1, that should tell you something—either most fights are one-sided or I'm just really good and should start betting so I can buy myself a big LL Cool J gold chain.

Back to my point: I was flipping through the TV channels and my little nephew told me to keep it at this cartoon channel where they were showing Dragon Ball Z. I, of course didn't care and kept going to see if Jersey Shore was on—not that I like Jersey Shore, I was just a little bored that day.

Anyhow, my nephew started crying and somehow made me go to that Dragon Ball Z cartoon. As I was watching it, I ended up questioning why boxing promoters never tried to make a boxing cartoon to promote boxing itself or the fighters.

Think about it: The kids are the future and they love to see action in cartoons. The majority love that intense Dragon Ball Z stuff. There is a reason why Disneyland is so popular and kids love it. They get to see some of their favorite characters they see on TV.

If there were a boxing cartoon, those kids would spread the word fast. Not only that, but their favorite characters would be real people and heroes. Cartoons bring families together and it may bring more people to the sport.

Sure I may sound childish, but I believe it is not a bad idea. Since all children will grow up one day, they may stop watching the cartoon but they will have a greater possibility that they'll flip to an HBO channel to watch boxing when they get a little older.

It would be a great thing for the fighters and the sport itself. One of the reasons I knew who Jackie Chan was because of a cartoon I grew up watching. I grew up thinking he was a bad-a** and later found out he was just an actor—which is still cool but not as cool as I thought.

Just imagine if you grew up watching a boxing cartoon and later found out that your favorite boxer in the cartoon or hero actually exists.

Would you like to meet him one day or watch him fight live? Most of you would probably say yes, others would rather meet Goku or a Pikachu (sadly).

My point is millions of kids grow up watching cartoons and it becomes part of their lives. If boxing had a cartoon, not only would boxing have more fans, but more people could have more favorite fighters. It would help the sport in a positive way and could possibly generate better PPV numbers.

Parents have a bad habit of spoiling their kids now a days and if a kid is willing to waste that energy to cry and beg that he wants to see his favorite fighter fight live, his parents will most likely end up taking their kid with the family at least once.

But you never know what could happen after that one time. Like that famous saying, "If you do it once, you'll do it twice." It could either be their last time or they could become permanent fans and later watch more fights from the living room.