Finding Myself: How I Lost and Regained My Passion for Pro Wrestling

RiZESenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2011

A little over two weeks ago, I was faced with a difficult dilemma. After my hopes were crushed by poor Rumble booking, I felt the WWE had become obsolete. For the past six months, I’ve correctly predicted the outcome to every PPV match, excluding the Diva’s that is.

While I’m impressed with my instincts and the way I handled the changes, I grew more and more disappointed with the WWE each week. I complained about John Morrison’s role, Miz’s reign and Alberto Del Rio’s rumble win endlessly.

I constructed an article stating my opinion on Del Rio and The Miz. The article was a rant about the IWC and their casual overrating of WWE Superstars. The article was well received despite having the majorities disagree with my opinion.

My two articles were fueled by anger of Del Rio’s rocket ship to the top.

I believe the guy was overrated and didn’t understand the WWE shoving him down our throats. Most would agree as Del Rio has already made an all-time overrated list. Despite my argument, I realized it’s the WWE and disappointment is usual.

Expect the expected.

I attempted to write articles, but for some insane reason wasn’t able to put any thoughts down. Despite having numerous topics I could’ve easily jotted down and published, I was lost and felt something was very wrong.

Mind-boggled, I attempted to find why I wasn’t able write and the answer hit me like a three-way car wreck.

I lost my passion for pro wrestling. The poor decisions and unsatisfactory matches the WWE fed us weren’t enough to maintain my viewership. I browsed the B/R each day for some sort of stroke of life. I was searching for something or someone that would rekindle my passion for pro wrestling.

My schedule limited me to my mobile phone for days and I didn’t check my profile page for an article drop.

I set my mind on transferring to the MMA section. That is until that someone finally left me something that would lift my spirits. Ichigo Starfish posted me a link to her article about Captain Charisma.  I took the little time I had and read the article and was immediately starstruck.

Like me, Starfish is just another longtime fan hoping for her guy to succeed.

The article was well-written and gave me the spark this extinguishing flame was searching for.

I was back, but I needed something special to restore me. I was searching for that special moment that would shine the light of this fallen star. Last night, I got two.

When Morrison entered the arena to a crowd reaction that could rival John Cena or Randy Orton, a smile came upon my face. Morrison's aggression wasn’t the only surprise of the night. My favorite all-time WWE Superstar made his long awaited return to the squared circle last night.

In Rock fashion, The Great One made his epic return to the WWE and even took the show over fifteen minutes. The greatest promo man ever thrilled the crowd and insulted Cena and The Miz in the process. With the addition of owning Michael Cole, The Rock made my night.

Honestly, before last night, I wasn’t looking forward to the upcoming WrestleMania.

The Rock’s speech and Morrison's rising popularity changed my perspective and was the gas on my fire.

So thank you, Ichigo Starfish, for your magnificent article and for rekindling my passion for pro wrestling. The baddest man (literally) in the B/R Universe is back and, like The Rock, I bring it.