UFC 129: Should We Look Past Jake Shields For The Super Fight?

RiZESenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2011

A few days ago, P4P King Anderson Silva went one-on-one with vicious striker, Vitor Belfort, while some predicted Belfort to be the only fighter able to stand toe-to-toe with the middleweight champion.

Minutes into the first round, we were shocked when Silva KO’d Belfort after a kick to the face.

Immediately after taking out Belfort, the possibility of an MMA Superfight rose once again.

Before his infamous fight with Demian Maia, Silva informed Dana White of his interest to fight Georges St. Pierre. The sheer thought of Anderson talking of Georges gives me chills.

Two men at the top of their weight classes with nothing left to prove?

Does it get any bigger than that?

Fans raved about the announcement. Most took to twitter to announce Dana White’s comments for themselves. While it’s great to remain anxious for a fight, fans forgot about one man.

The GSP/Silva fight is almost set and stone, but Georges still has one man standing in front of him.

The guy who hasn’t lost a bout in almost five years, but a lackluster UFC debut caused fans to write him off.

That man goes by the name of Jake Shields. Almost every person downed Shields and promised that GSP would destroy Shields with ease. Not one person spoke positive of Shields and his chances of dethroning Rush.

They all looked past Shields.

But St. Pierre isn’t.

St. Pierre refused to speak on the Silva matchup and simply stated that he refuses to look past Shields; the last time he looked past a fighter, he got KO’d. 

As a longtime MMA fan and the events that transpired last weekend, I can safely say any fighter can lose on any given day. Shields can indeed put St. Pierre away and destroy the talk of the highly anticipated bout.

Never look past the Underdog. At the end of the day, it may end up being Shields vs. Silva.

Whoever wins the bout at UFC 129 has a Spider lurking and ready to strike.

Question is, do either possess an antidote?