Recap: NOT Niese, Mets Lose 9-5

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2008
123456789 R H E
CHC (95-60) 010610001 9 14 0
NYM (86-70) 011000201 5 11 0


New York Mets
J Reyes SS5220001.299
D Murphy LF5011011.336
D Wright 3B4222101.299
C Delgado 1B3120211.273
C Beltran CF5021024.282
R Church RF3020202.282
L Castillo 2B3000116.249
B Schneider C3000014.258
   c-D Easley PH1000011.271
   R Castro C0000000.248
J Niese P1000000.167
   N Figueroa P0000000.083
   a-N Evans PH1000001.267
   R Parnell P0000000.000
   D Sanchez P0000000.000
   b-M Anderson PH1000000.215
   A Heilman P0000000.000
   d-E Chavez PH1000001.269
   L Ayala P0000000.000
   R Rincon P0000000.000
a-flied out to left for N Figueroa in the 4th
b-grounded to second for D Sanchez in the 7th
c-struck out swinging for B Schneider in the 8th
d-lined out to center for A Heilman in the 8th
2B: J Reyes (36, J Marquis); D Murphy (9, J Marquis)
HR: D Wright (33, 7th inning off J Marquis 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: D Murphy (17), D Wright 2 (120), C Beltran (109)
2-out RBI: D Wright 2
GIDP: B Schneider, L Castillo
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: C Beltran 1, R Church 1, B Schneider 2, L Castillo 2, N Evans 1
Team LOB: 11
New York Mets
J Niese (L, 1-1)3.076622178-467.07
N Figueroa1.021102114-114.67
R Parnell2.021102041-302.45
D Sanchez1.000002012-94.37
A Heilman1.000010015-85.26
L Ayala0.231111019-135.53
R Rincon0.10000002-12.70
Batters faced: J Niese 18; N Figueroa 5; R Parnell 8; D Sanchez 3; A Heilman 4; L Ayala 6; R Rincon 1
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: J Niese 6-1; N Figueroa 1-0; R Parnell 2-2; D Sanchez 0-1; A Heilman 1-2; L Ayala 1-0; R Rincon 0-1
Game Scores: J Niese 21
Scoring Summary
2ndR Johnson singled to center, M DeRosa scored.10
2ndC Delgado scored, L Castillo to second on wild pitch by J Marquis.11
3rdD Murphy doubled to left, J Reyes scored.12
4thR Johnson singled to center, G Soto scored, M DeRosa to second.22
4thJ Marquis homered to right, M DeRosa, R Johnson and R Theriot scored.62
4thD Lee homered to left center.72
5thJ Marquis grounded into fielder's choice to third, F Pie scored, R Theriot out at second.82
7thD Wright homered to left, J Reyes scored.84
9thF Pie reached on infield single to second, A Ramirez scored, D Ward to second.94
9thC Beltran grounded out to first, D Wright scored, C Delgado to third.95