Part 2: Enderle Is The Most Underrated Player In The Draft

Alex KozoraContributor IFebruary 15, 2011

It was a rougher second half, but there were still positives in Enderle's game.
It was a rougher second half, but there were still positives in Enderle's game.Eric Francis/Getty Images

The second half of Nathan Enderle's performance against Louisiana Tech. The first half can be found in the link below.

Second Half


31. 2nd and 9: Shotgun. Enderle hits 6'6" WR Eric Greenwood over the middle, using his big frame to shield the linebacker for a completion and first down.

32. 1st and 10: Taking advantage of the matchup, Enderle hits tight end Daniel Hardy streaking across the field with a linebacker covering him. In a Three Stooges moment, after a short catch and run, the ball is popped straight up into the air by a defensive player and into the hands of an Idaho WR.

33. 1st and 10: Shotgun. Enderle goes through multiple reads before trying to hit his recevier on a comeback on the right sideline. The pass bounces off the ground. Better for the pass to be low than high. Enderle continues to throw passes where only his receiver can catch them.

34. 2nd and 10: Enderle tries to hit his running back on a wheel route. The pass is overthrown and falls harmlessly to the turf.

35. 3rd and 10: Shotgun. He shows his impressive arm strength by throwing across the field, completing the pass to the WR. It's subtle, but watch Enderle slide to his left as he feels pressure coming off his right side. Excellent pocket presence.

36. 2nd and 4: Pass is a bit high but his tight end comes down with the ball for a first down.

37. 1st and 10: The pass is complete and goes for a sizeable gain, about 20 yards, but Enderle gets a "minus" on this play. His receiver is running a deep curl. You can see him double-clutch, unsure of whether or not to make the throw. This gives the cornerback time to break back to the ball. Enderle's arm and off coverage from the cornerback (it looks like Cover 3 or Cover 4) keep the cornerback from an easy pick six, but it had all the ingriedients to turn into a disaster.

38. 1st and 10: Probably a bad decision by Enderle. He tries to fit the pass down the seam into triple coverage without much of a window. As opposed to a couple of his other passes to TE down the seams earlier in the game. Luckilly, Tech gets called for defensive holding and Idaho gets a first down.

39. 1st and 10: Ugly play. Enderle tries to hit his receiver on a slant but the pass is behind him. After playing "hot potato" with the football, Tech comes down with the interception. A costly turnover in what was still a close game, Idaho being down just ten points.

40. Down and distance not shown: If there was a way to respond, this would be it. Enderle throws a 76 yard touchdown pass down the left sideline, his third touchdown pass of the day. The cornerback gets caught peeking into the backfield and the safety takes a bad angle. The "X" receiver runs a streak, and it's nothing but green.

41. 1st and 10: Shotgun. Nothing available for Enderle so he breaks contain and runs out of bounds for a short gain.

42. 2nd and 8: I'd chalk this one up to a good play from the CB. It's a good matchup on paper. His receiver is running a curl against off coverage. The strong safety is playing close to the line so odds are the left cornerback is going to be playing deep in a Cover 3 or some variation. But he breaks well on the ball and gets in front of it, disrupting the pass and causing an incompletion.

43. 3rd and 8. This is similar to the last play. The CB gets an excellent break on the ball. Perhaps Enderle should have thrown the pass a little sooner, but he is throwing to his 6'6" WR who isn't going to make the quickest cuts, giving more time for the defense to react. Plus, it would have been nice to see the WR use his frame to box out the smaller cornerback. The pass is incomplete and the Vandals have to punt.

44. 2nd and 8: Playaction. Look at the graphic before the start of the play. Idaho only has 22 rushing yards. This furthers the point of a weak supporting cast. Nothing is open and Enderle has to throw the ball away. A defensive lineman hits his knee and Enderle is hurt on the play, staying down for several moments. He would get checked out by the training staff and return to the game four plays later.

45. 1st and 10: A dump off to the back for a short gain. A penalty brings it back.

46. Down and distance is not shown (if it was a hold on the previous play, it could be 1st and 20): Another swing pass to the back. Decent gain.

47. 2nd and 9: A deep pass down the right sideline. Underthrown and the defensive back breaks it up. The receiver doesn't show his football IQ by stepping out of bounds while running his route. The play was originally ruled an interception but overturned after review.

48. 3rd and 10: Enderle feels pressure from his blindside and steps up but is taken down by one of the defensive tackles.

49. 4th and 13: A last gasp for Idaho, Enderle rockets a pass down the right sideline that goes off the outstretched hand of the wide receiver.

50. 1st and 10: He tries to throw it to his safety valve in the flat but his arm is hit as he throws. The pass falls incomplete. As expected in a lot of situations where the game is close to being over, Idaho was down 41-28 with under five minutes to play, the ball starts moving around in Enderle's hand on his drop. It's doing a lot of bobbing and is an indication of him trying to hurry a throw. This was also evident in a blowout loss against Nebraska where he started patting the ball late in the game.

51. 2nd and 10: Enderle hits Greenwood on a post for a first down. Again, the ball is doing a lot of bobbing and is starting to fall on his drop.

52. 1st and 10: Rushing a throw, he misses an open receiver.

53. 2nd and 10: A defensive back undercuts the post to Greenwood, getting a hand on it and breaking it up.

54. 3rd and 10: Shotgun. Enderle again goes deep down the right sideline. Very similar to play number six. It's an accurate throw and the receiver would have made the catch had it not been knocked away by the cornerback. A positive even in the waning moments of the game.

55. 4th and 10: Enderle tries to hit his receiver on a comeback, but the pass is broken up. Incomplete and the last pass of the day by Enderle.

Obviously, a lot to read. For the reader and the editor. So what have we learned after watching Enderle? He's a strong-armed quarterback who showed he can make every throw. The go route, the post down the seam, the corner, and passes underneath. He works mostly out of a pro offense under center and is smart enough to make countless pre-snap adjustments. He has the ability to read and manipulate a defense. His feet are sound and he feels the rush really well, climbing the pocket when he needs to. With the exception of the end of the game, Enderle keeps the ball high and tight to his chest.

On the other side of the coin, he can be erratic at times. Some of his decisions are questionable and he'll force some throws. Of course, when you throw the ball 55 times, you're going to make some poor throws. He played with a below average, and that's being generous, supporting cast.

This is of course just one game but a great opportunity for you, the reader, to see what I'm seeing. Watching other Idaho games, I saw these same traits show up time and time again. Nathan Enderle will be the steal of the draft.

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