Ohio State Scoreboard Operation the Worst Part of a Trying Season

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst ISeptember 22, 2008

I told myself I would not harp on this one, but I cannot help it. I want to make a standing objection to the overall scoreboard operation. I went to the Troy game prepared to make an objective ruling on the charm of the electronic mess overhead. If you do not want to hear me rant, don't click on the jump.

It is worse than I remembered.

I even restrained myself and stopped commenting on it after four or five renditions. When the woman next to me said, “I like it,” I challenged her entire belief system. That is how angry it makes me.

(By the way, she never once participated in the cheer! In fact, she never made a peep all game. She is the worst type of fan. She engenders the manufacturing of enthusiasm that is the scourge of the stadium experience without contributing anything. I honestly hope she is reading this.)

The recorded music is tremendously lame. The White Stripes during kickoffs? Really? How about turning it off before the receiving team actually catches the ball? This is not the NHL. This sport is not a joke on wheels where the fans need to be inveigled into an excited state. Quit it.

The commercials with players addressing booster misconduct are bad. I repeat: THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Maybe this why the team is hideously underachieving—the Buckeye PR Department has Marcus Freeman filming a commercial during the summer riding a scooter and talking to some douchebag about inappropriate benefits.

Memo to OSU: There are better ways to convey your messages to boosters. Try calling them. Or sending letters. If you do not have their contact information, your office is more screwed then one would suspect.

As an aside, do you remember when they had Special Ed from Crank Yankers on the video screen? That was less offensive than the current inane dribble, and it was ACTUALLY offensive.

While Ohio State is at it, go ahead and hand out towels, pom-poms, and cowbells so we can become the most hackneyed crowd in college football.

(I will not even mention the failure of the scoreboard to remove the electronic partition for the entire third quarter.)

This entire season is driving me nuts.