WWE: Return of the Rock and 2.21.11 Promo Means WWE Is Back To Bustling Life

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIFebruary 15, 2011

Finally he is back. After seven freaking long years he was live on our television sets. He came and we erupted with joy. He spoke, and after every word the arena exploded. He unloaded one glorious verbal attack on the face of the current programming and we are praying with all our hopes that we get that one dream match at the grandest spectacle of them all.

When he left the ring, we still could not believe it is February 14, 2011. We had gone back to live a better life, and to live that awesome past once again.

Now we are waiting too, for the next episode of Raw to see what exactly John Cena has to say in response to the mightiest attack on his credentials.

Just an hour before that third installment of the mysterious vignette, the ultra famous 2.21.11 promo aired. Many of us saw the Deadman. Few saw Triple H as well. Still, the doubt lingers that there was a second person in the video. No person on the Internet is still 100 percent sure who will be coming on February 21.

Finally, we are relieved that there is no more episodes of the Raw left before the mystery is revealed and we can sleep well after three weeks of frenzied speculations.

One person, the returning people’s champion—The Rock—and that one mysterious vignette has brought back the very essence of the WWE programming that has been missing for the last few years. Once again there is drama and relentless entertainment, and boy we can’t be in a merrier mood.

The very reason all of us had fallen in love with WWE at some point in our lives was the nature of programming. There was intensity, there was passion, there was mystery, and most importantly, there was something larger than life.

Let us flash back to February 1, 2011, the day after Royal Rumble. The road to Wrestlemania had not seemed so underwhelming to us in many years. What did we have, Cena vs. Miz or Punk, Orton vs. again Miz or Punk, Taker vs. Wade Barrett and Edge vs. Del Rio? Duh... that was not even a card worthy of a Summerslam and we were heading into the Wrestlemania.

Then one 48 second vignette aired and the Internet went into a lunatic mode of speculations. Who was that person? Was it Sting or was it the Undertaker? For once, we were dying to find out what is going to happen next. It was the very curiosity, the very uncertainty that we needed. It is still a genuine mystery as to what is going to unfold.

That was something we were craving for a long time. Dark shadows are still looming over Monday Night Raw; something epic is going to happen and next Raw will be drawing some crazy ratings for sure.

For a long time WWE missed those of our breaths that we had held back to see what is going to happen next. Thanks to this vignette, we have our hopes high and breaths held back. WWE has found one of the pieces of its past glory that was absent to our utter dismay.

Let us again fast forward two weeks. Another surprise sprang up as Mr. McMahon himself opened Raw to announce that someone special is coming back to host the Wrestlemania. We again started speculating (we just can’t get enough of it). Who would it be? Would it be HBK, Austin or Randy Savage? One name, however, was echoing in all our hearts and that was, The Rock.

Last night as the Music hit the arena, the crowd went ballistic. The people’s champ was indeed in the ring. Surreal is the only word that can describe it. Rock delivered a 16 minute long promo, but not for a second did we think it was long. It was magic.

I am sure all the superstars from the Raw rosters would have gathered together to just see how a promo is delivered. A true master was teaching the rookies.

For the last few years, the crowd in the arena has just been there. We often say that crowd today ain’t like the crowd from Attitude days. Now it seemed the crowd had not died. They were sleeping, and it needed a thunderbolt to wake them up. Many Superstars failed to strike and that is why the atmosphere was so dull.

Even the fans at home, like me, just were watching Raw and Smackdown for the past few years. We just sat at home on a couch, scrapped through some episodes and enjoyed few. That is not how we used to do it in the past. We needed to scream, we needed to mark out and we needed a few goosebumps.

WWE was clearly missing it. Few guys certainly tried; I will never deny their hard work but different constraints simply held them down.

Last night, The Rock brought all that back. He spoke every word with extreme intensity and passion. The crowd ate it and so did we. Apart from John Cena, to a little extent, no promo from any current star has elicited similar reaction from the crowd. Every second of those 16 minutes had a life of its own.

I am very optimistic that next week John Cena will deliver one heck of a promo to counter the onslaught of Rocky. There is no way he would top it, but he would top himself, that is for sure. HBK had shown that, if brought out, there is some element of the best in Cena. We will witness that again in the near future and that only bodes well with the WWE.

Therefore, to sum up everything, we are looking at a very different WWE than we did three weeks ago. It is a whole different level which had enamoured us in the past. The Wrestlemania card now looks very different and our mood sounds way more upbeat. This Wrestlemania may well be one of the greatest of all time.

WWE has played it right, and let us for once cut them some slack for doing it.

In the end, I will just remind you all that there is no guarantee that the Rock will wrestle, there is no guarantee of Taker vs. HHH or Taker vs. Sting. We ought to enjoy this ride because one thing is certain; never in the future are we going to have Rock, Taker, HHH, HBK, Cena, Orton and possibly Austin and Sting coming together to hype Wrestlemania and to gift us a memory of a lifetime.

Therefore, enjoy the ride.