Week 3 Winners and Losers: Steelers Stumble As Their O-Line Crumbles

Dan Snyder@@dsnyder34Correspondent ISeptember 23, 2008

This is a weekly article used to recap the previous week of NFL action. It will show the winners and losers of each week.



1. Philadelphia Eagles - The birds flexed serious muscle this week against a very talented Pittsburgh Steelers squad. Previous to the week, there were questions about the Eagles and their ability to hang with tough competition. They backed that up by recording 6 sacks in the 2nd quarter.

2. Miami Dolphins - If I would have told you the Dolphins would upset the Patriots by over 3 touchdowns, you would have laughed me right off this website. Well, it happened, and the Dolphins won in great fashion. They really showed that they're a big threat running the football with over 200 yards on the ground and Ronnie Brown seems to have recovered well from knee surgery posting 5 total touchdowns. Keep it up Miami!!!

3. San Diego Chargers - They finally got the gorilla off their back by coming up with their first win. And how sweet it must have been. After coming off 2 heartbreaking losses to the Panthers and the Broncos, they go out and walk all over the New York "Bretts". This team is now looking like the Chargers we thought we'd see this year.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Here's another one of the potential "super bowl contenders" who got off to rough starts. This week was a big win for the Jags overcoming all the injuries to beat the division rival Colts. Now they've got to continue this trend and keep winning games.

5. Minnesota Vikings - Who would have thought Gus Ferotte would lead the Vikings to their first win of the season? Not to mention that he did it against a talented Carolina Panthers team. Their defense also looked like it could be living up to it's pre-season #1 ranking.



1. New England Patriots - They ended their 21-game regular season win streak to a team that has now won 2 games in its last 19. And after their win against the Jets, Matt Cassel had me believing that he could lead this team. But with no running game to be found the pressure was put on Cassel and the defense didn't exactly help out their cause. I trust Bill Bellicheck to get the troops in order for their next game.

2. New York Jets - Brett and his Jets looked awful on Monday night against the Chargers. They only time they even moved the ball and got into any sort of rhythm was when the game was out of reach. I know Brett's still "learning the system", but they need to get something going now before the Bills pull too far ahead.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - They Steelers really showed their weakness this week by giving up 6 sacks in the 2nd quarter alone against the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only that, but the team also lost RB Willie Parker and NT Casey Hampton for this week's game against the Ravens. All I have to say is the Steelers better make some changes up front or teams will continue to exploit them up front.

4. New Orleans Saints - Not only did the Saints lose this week to fall to 1-2, they also lose TE Jeremy Shockey for 3-6 weeks. This coming after a week where the team also lost it's top receiver Marques Colston for up to 4 weeks. With all of these targets down, defenses will key on Reggie Bush and that will hinder QB Drew Brees' ability to make plays. Not to mention that their defense has not played well all year. Hopefully the Saints can find some weapons for Brees or it could be a long 4 weeks.

5. Carolina Panthers - The Panthers really missed out on a big opportunity to go 3-0 by losing to the Minnesota Vikings. Many people were smiling on the Panthers because they won their first 2 games without their star WR Steve Smith. Most, including myself, were expecting big things from a Panthers team that now has it's playmaker back and is playing a struggling Vikings team. But their offense just didn't play all that well and they were very vanilla on a day where they really could've lit it up.