TCU @ Oklahoma, Alabama @ Georgia, Illinois @ Penn State on tap for week 5

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 23, 2008

Week 5 games to watch


USC at Oregon State- Everyone is expecting USC to walk through the Pac 10. Everyone said that the last 2 years to and it wasn’t always smooth sailing. One of the mess ups came the last time USC traveled to Corvallis in 06.


Connecticut at Louisville- Uconn is 4-0 and finds itself one of the new favorites in the Big East now with West Virginia and Rutgers struggling. Louisville would like to reclaim their spot at the top that they had just a couple seasons ago.


Minnesota at Ohio State-Minnesota looks like a different team from last year starting at 4-0 as opposed to last years 1-11 season. Ohio State is of course the favorite to win the conference but may not be the consensus favorite it was to start the season.

Maryland at Clemson- 3-1 each makes this game a little more interesting. Clemson easily won this game last season.

Kent State at Ball State- Ball State finds itself at 4-0 but suffering one of the biggest losses with the career of Dante Love over. At least we know he should live. Kent State has yet to beat a DIA school.

North Carolina at Miami-North Carolina and Miami have both started the season 2-1. While maybe not elite at this point both schools look like the rebuilding going on is in effect.

Tennessee at Auburn- Both are coming off losses and can ill afford another. I think it is pretty safe to say the loser of this game is out of the SEC race.

Fresno State at UCLA- Fresno State already has 1 loss but they are still ranked and could climb up. Crazier things have happened and I think it is only a matter of time before we have a 1 loss BCS buster. UCLA needs a win for themselves after the blowout loss to BYU, and the conference needs it to save a little face.

Colorado at Florida State-Colorado wants to build on the win over a ranked nonconference foe West Virginia with a team from the ACC. After beating up on a couple DIAA schools Florida State lost to Wake Forest and wants to show it can beat a DIA school.

Purdue at Notre Dame- Notre Dame would love to be back where they once were but for right now they are still working on getting there. Purdue is a scrappy team with a number of playmakers, Painter and Orton with the passing game and Sheets running the ball.

Wisconsin at Michigan- Wisconsin has come on as a team that can challenge for the Big 10. Michigan is still in the building stage of the new coaching regime and would just like to get a win to show that they haven’t fallen that far down.

Arkansas at Texas- This is a revival of an old rivalry. Unfortunately Texas is ranked and Arkansas has struggled to win against Western Iowa and Louisiana Monroe and was blown out by Alabama. While they struggled, Texas has handled their games fairly easily winning by 42, 29 and 42.

Marshall at West Virginia- An in state rivalry that has been owned by West Virginia. The Mountaineers are 7-0 here. Coming into this game Marshall has a record of 3-1 while West Virginia is 1-2.

Buffalo at Central Michigan- Central Michigan has been the class of the MAC for the last couple seasons. Buffalo is one of the up and coming teams under coach Gill.

Oregon at Washington State- Quick stat here between the 2 schools in their last games they played 6 QB’s. Oregon is down to the 3,4 and 5thpreseason QB’s and WSU is on 3rd string.

TCU at Oklahoma- TCU is one of the 3 undefeated and ranked teams from the Mountain West. Oklahoma is one of the top ranked teams in the country. Most people might forget that the last time TCU went to Oklahoma, they won. I bet Oklahoma hasn’t forgotten.

Troy at Oklahoma State- Troy is still one of the top teams in the Sun Belt and has shown the ability to beat BCS conference teams, including Oklahoma State last season. I don’t know if Oklahoma State is improved or not but they are 3-0 to start the season.

South Florida at North Carolina State- South Florida has emerged as the one of the top teams in the Big East and this year possibly the top. North Carolina State wants to ride the momentum of the win over East Carolina.

Alabama at Georgia- Two top ranked teams going toe to toe. Alabama has the win over Clemson and Georgia over Arizona State. Other than that the two teams opponents haven’t been really worth wile. This should be the first true test for both, and the first real look we get to see how good they actually are.

Idaho and San Diego State- Possibly the bottom of both the WAC and the Mountain West. I would call this one the pillow fight of the week. I’m more interested to see what kind of new outfit’s the team and cheerleaders come up with. If you don’t know the news stories you aren’t missing much.

Virginia Tech at Nebraska- Is Nebraska the Nebraska of old or is the 3-0 record simply due to the lower competition? Virginia Tech will provide the first significant test. Virginia Tech looks like they have recovered a bit from the East Carolina loss beating North Carolina.

New Mexico at New Mexico State- The Battle of I-25 for the Maloof trophy. New Mexico has won the last 5 in a row.

Illinois at Penn State-A couple of ranked Big 10 teams jockeying for position in the conference. A win here should put either team in a good position to compete for the conference while a loss could knock one out.

Stanford at Washington- Could be the battle for the bottom of the PAC 10 or it could be the a game that could be the difference in a 6-6 season or a losing season.

Nevada at UNLV-Nevada has won 13 of the last 19 but going in to this game UNLV looks like the better team. UNLV comes in off wins over Arizona State and Iowa State while Nevada has only 1 win over Grambling State. Nevada won last year on a TD pass with less than 30 seconds left in the game.