Missouri Football Fans Need to Get into the Game

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Missouri Football Fans Need to Get into the Game

Before this year's football season began, the University of Missouri requested that Mizzou fans wear gold to every game (except the blackout game). They thought that having one color throughout the stadium would look more intimidating to the visiting team than gold and black dotted throughout the stadium.

No doubt this decision was made, at least in part, after seeing how crazy the Nebraska-Mizzou game was last year. Anyone who was at that game knows how awesome and intimidating the stadium looked. Everyone was clad in gold (it was the gold rush game) and screaming their heads off on every down Nebraska had the ball. 

Granted, the Nebraska game was the biggest game of the year to that point and a rivalry game (and a night game—a few extra hours to tailgate never hurts). However, Mizzou fans should strive to cheer at that level every game, as well as attempt to color-coordinate as best they can. Clearly that level won't be reached every time out, but a little more effort from time to time would be nice. 

This past week against Buffalo, the game was uncomfortably close for a good portion of the game. Late in the third quarter and throughout the fourth, the defense was constantly throwing its arms in the air trying to rally the crowd.

In my section, little if anything came from their attempts at rallying the crowd. Most people were sitting, either pouting or not paying attention. This was in the STUDENT section. The more enthusiastic/intoxicated of us were up and screaming, but so many around us were not.

I was ashamed. I know it wasn't the most important game of the season, and I know in bigger games the crowd will be more enthusiastic, but why not try and make Faurot Field a tough stadium to play in every single week? Plus, the game really was close for a while, making it kind of important.

If our team loses that game, we're probably done as far as national title hopes go. So Mizzou fans, let's get our acts together and rally behind our amazing football team.

Our fans are amazing—this is not a condemnation of them. But at least make an effort to wear yellow to every game. You go to Mizzou and you don't own one yellow t-shirt? Yeah, right.

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