Dan SharbaughContributor ISeptember 23, 2008

About 2 weeks ago ESPN announced that Lance Armstrong would be riding in the 2009 Tour de France after a two year retirement from competitive cycling.  People at first were probably thinking that Lance just couldn't stay out of cycling any longer and wanted to hop back on the saddle and ride for three weeks.  But lets be honest, he just wants to prove to everyone that he still has what it takes.  After seeing Darra Torres compete in the Beijing Olympics, Armstrong probably thought to himself "if a 40 year old woman can qualify as a top 16 swimmer, I can definitely still be riding at the top of the cycling world."  With the sport known more for steroids than anything after Armstrong left, this is going to be great for the sport to finally be able to actually see the top stage be conquered by the very best in the world and not have the eighth best rider win it every year because he was the best one not doping.  Hopefully Lance can suspend the notion that all riders are steroid addicted bums, and he can bring back the excitement of the Pyrenees and great break aways for a few more summers so the biking world can start getting some legit riders in the field for when he is actually unable to do it, like in 30 years or so.