Lee Corso to Be Hired As Notre Dame's New Coach

Bob WaltersContributor ISeptember 23, 2008

It has recently been confirmed that Lee Corso will be the new head coach of Notre Dame. He will be the one to lead them to victory. He plans a complete overhaul of the program so big changes are on the way.

1. Every day he will wear the head of a new mascot to try and motivate his players into a state of physical and mental BEASTLINESS. Of course Notre Dame doesnt give out helmet stickers so Corso plans on giving out pudding cups for good plays and a six pack of pudding cups for touchdowns.

2. He is hiring a Public Relations specialist whom some of you may have heard of, the great Mark May. May stands for everything that is Notre Dame football and is seen as a good choice by all of those concerned.

3. Defensive coordinator Rick Minter is comming back to head up the defense and Tyrone Willingham will be hired as the new Offensive coordinator. People expect big things from these two so in the future look for powerful offense and defense from Notre Dame.

4. Corso plans to hire Kevin White as Athletic Director and strength and conditioning coach. White, who is one of Notre Dame's greatest Athletic Directors of all time, is a fan favorite and people cant wait to see what he has in store for Notre Dame athletics.

Since Corso is not only being given full control of the team but also the school he is changing the school colors to velvet red and mac and cheese orange.

So Notre Dame 31 Purdue 26