Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings: Week Four

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst ISeptember 23, 2008

Bleacher Report writers come together each week for the NFL season and decide on who belongs where for the “Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings.” Writers vote teams up or down to come up with an unbiased, no-bull, to-the-point ranking system. 

The four-digit numbers beside each team are computed based on votes and show readers just how strong each team’s position is. Want to know how close your team was to being ranked in the top five, or how far ahead they are of the next guy? Simply look at the difference in the numbers to find out. 


The Writers' Rankings

After three weeks, there is no question that the NFC East is the division of supremacy.  Dallas and Philadelphia looked stellar while Washington and New York found ways to win at home. 

Ronnie Brown has left his imprint on the Patriots as they try to get back up on their feet while Denver fans feel a mile high after another shootout victory. Enjoy the Week four Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings!

1 (1) Dallas Cowboys (.9643)

We all knew the Cowboys’ offense was potent, but Sunday night we got a glimpse of what their defense looks like when it’s clicking on all cylinders. NFL teams beware. (Shaun Ahmad)


2 (3) New York Giants (.9330)

While they probably should have dispatched of the Bengals with less trouble, they showed guts and toughness as the game neared its end. (Alex McVeigh)


3 (6) Philadelphia Eagles (.8951)

Philly managed to beat the Steelers without the services of Brian Westbrook for a large portion of the game while leaving Ben Roethlisberger completely rattled. Oh, and this was on a short week after traveling back from a Monday Night thriller in Dallas. The Eagles are the real deal folks.  (Shaun Ahmad


4 (7) Denver Broncos (.8549)

Eventually, not having a defense will start biting this team in the rear. For now though, that offense is scary. (Craig Garrison Sr.)


5 (9) Buffalo Bills (.8326)

One blowout, one hard-fought game, and one last second win. The Bills keep finding ways to win. (Alex McVeigh)


6 (4) Green Bay Packers (.8103)

Losing to the Cowboys isn't the worst thing in the world. Aaron Rodgers is playing smart football. If the defense can play tighter, Green Bay will only get better. (Angel Navedo)


7 (12) Tennessee Titans (.7969)

So, this is what the Titans can look like when the defense gets help from the offense! (Angel Navedo)


8 (2) Pittsburgh Steelers (.7746)

They had better study what the Eagles did with the blitz schemes, because every opponent from here on out will try it.  (Shaun Ahmad)


9 (10) Carolina Panthers (.6719)

No late game heroics this week. Steve Smith made his presence felt, but Jake Delhomme needs to find a way to make more connections in the end zone.(Angel Navedo)


10 (18) Washington Redskins (.6406)

The Skins won't get any respect until they beat somebody everyone else respects. This week is their opportunity with a nationally televised game at Dallas. (Craig Garrison Sr.)


11 (17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.6362)

If you throw the ball 67 times, you had better have over 400 yards passing. (James Senbeta)


12 (5) New England Patriots (.6272)

What's left to say that hasn't already been said since Sunday's eye-opening loss to the Miami Dolphins? (Shane Howard)


13 (14) San Diego Chargers (.6183)

What do you do when you face a must-win situation after losing consecutive last-minute nail-biters? How about responding to adversity by putting up 48 points while America watches? (Angel Navedo)


14 (20) Baltimore Ravens (.5670)

They're undefeated, but have played really bad defenses in the Browns and Bengals. Next week will prove if they're for real with a matchup against the Steelers.  (Collin Whitchurch)


15 (11) Arizona Cardinals (.5580)

Yes, they're 2-1, but I won't be a believer in this team until they beat someone other than San Francisco and Miami.  (Collin Whitchurch)


16 (8) Indianapolis Colts (.5558)

Peyton needs to trademark that stupid look he often has on his face. (Tiffany Davies)


17 (21) Jacksonville Jaguars (.5223)

Before you pop a vein for having the Jags below the Colts, whom they just beat, keep in mind that it took a last second field goal against a battered Colts team to do it. The Colts aren’t playing great—we know.  But week three is too early to mail it in on Manning and Dungy.  (Shaun Ahmad)


18 (13) New Orleans Saints (.5156)

Brees and Co. will keep producing, but the defense seems to have trouble stopping much of anything.  (Alex McVeigh)


19 (19) Minnesota Vikings (.4531)

Yes, they beat the Panthers. But, the defense bailed them out with an 18 yard fumble recovery taken to the house right before halftime. Until we see a better offensive performance, the Vikings fans should get comfortable with their high teens/low twenties ranking.  (Shaun Ahmad)


20 (24) San Francisco 49ers (.4375)

J.T. O’Sullivan just might be another Martz miracle. (Ken Sheehan)


21 (15) Chicago Bears (.4196)

Who would have thought the day would come where one could say this: “Kyle Orton had two games wrapped up but the Chicago defense blew it.” Who would have thought?  (Shaun Ahmad)


22 (16) New York Jets (.3929)

Sure they can score, but Favre's gunslinging isn't nearly as impressive when you replace Driver and Jennings with Coles and Cotchery. (Alex McVeigh)


23 (23) Atlanta Falcons (.3750)

They're on the right track. The running game looked great and Matt Ryan looks to be improving. But then again, it was against the Chiefs. (Ken Sheehan)


24 (26) Seattle Seahawks (.3058)

Don’t count the Seahawks out after the first few games of the season. They still have Matt Hasselbeck, and they still play in a division with the Cardinals, Niners, and Rams. There is hope in Seattle. (Shaun Ahmad


25 (31) Miami Dolphins (.2969)

A win that big, even against a Brady-less Pats squad, has to mean something. (MJ Kasprzak)


26 (27) Oakland Raiders (.2679)

As disfunctional as this organization is, Kiffin is doing a pretty good job of keeping them together. (Craig Garrison Sr.)


27 (22) Cleveland Browns (.2277)

Anyone else ready for Brady Quinn?  (Ken Sheehan)


28 (25) Houston Texans (.1964)

Thought these guys might make a better run than this, guess not. (Craig Garrison Sr.)


29 (29) Cincinnati Bengals (.1853)

I wonder how much Carson Palmer is missing Willie Anderson right now.  (James Senbeta)


30 (28) Detroit Lions (.1205)

They're channeling the 2007 Miami Dolphins, and that's never a good thing. (Tiffany Davies)


31 (30) Kansas City Chiefs (.1161)

Tyler Thigpen was on pace to put together the worst offensive game by a quarterback in NFL history before Atlanta let up late. When you can't score more than 14 points against the Falcons' defense, you're really bad.  (Collin Whitchurch)


32 (32) St. Louis Rams (.0804)

Trent Green will replace Marc Bulger as the starting quarterback this week.  Raise your hand if you knew Green was still even in the league.  That’s what I thought.  If there was any way I could put the Rams lower than 32, believe me, I would.  (Shaun Ahmad)


Biggest Jump: Washington Redskins are UP eight spots (18th last week to 10th this week).

Biggest Drop:  Indianapolis Colts are DOWN eight spots (8th last week to 16th this week).


A special thanks to all those who participated, and will continue to participate in the future. Also, a sincere thank you to Angel Navedo for providing the picture used in this article.


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