Buffalo's got the feeling, Talking Proud Talking Proud!

Mark SimoncelliContributor ISeptember 23, 2008

Just like the song that was made popular during the 70s, the buzz around Buffalo these days is how far the Bills are going into the playoffs.  The question is not if anymore, but how far that they will go.  After 3 games the Bills have created a buzz that has not been felt since the early 90's (although that feeling was flirted with in 99 with Flutie and when Bledsoe was traded from the Pats).  The team has captured the city's heart who has been broken with previous promises and recent Sabres playoff runs.  Now the spotlight in Buffalo Sports is solely back on the Bills.

Second year starter Trent Edwards is 8-4 to start his career with 4 (yes half) of those wins coming with last minute TD Drives.  He is Buffalos new poster boy of success.  He has captured a city and teams dreams and hopes in only 12 starts and has everyone finally thinking that we have found a succesor to Kelly.  He is a captain of a team who was ranked #4 in NFL.com's power ranking (1st in AFC) and #6 in ESPN's (2nd in AFC).  He is calm and cool in the pocket when he is getting bombarded by d-lineman and has the touch and poise to deliver the pass in the clutch (see Evans week 2 or Parrish week 3).  At the young age of 24 with less than a full seasons starts, Trent Edwards has already become the savior to a team and city who is just looking to win.