WWE: CM Punk, the Best Heel in WWE

James Pinches@TweetPinchContributor IFebruary 14, 2011

CM Punk looking particularly evil.
CM Punk looking particularly evil.

CM Punk is, in my opinion, the best heel in WWE at this present time.

I'm going to look at a few points at to what makes him so hated by the WWE Universe and what makes him a great heel.

Firstly is his messiah-like ability to gain followers...first with the Straight Edge Society (S.E.S.) and now with the New Nexus.

Its almost cult-like the way people will blindly follow him, look up to him and do his evil tasks without question. The latest, of course, were the ridiculous initiations to be involved with the New Nexus.

Another quality he has is his sinister demeanor, his ability on the mic, to cut down your favorite face is top class. He also has the uncanny charm to make his followers believe what they are doing is right.

The promos he does are fantastic. When he was on top of the Titan-Tron and pretended to jump was absolutely superb. He does this to such an extent and makes it so believable is fantastic.

His finisher, The Go To Sleep or G.T.S, is absolutely brutal. A knee to the face, there isn't a much more deadly finisher throughout the WWE roster.

His moveset is quality and his in-ring skills are fantastic. He is technically very adept and can back up anything he says in the ring.

He lasted for ages in the Royal Rumble, which proves his staying power and quality. If it wasn't for SuperCena, he could have gone on to what would be one of the greatest wins of all time, alas it was not be.

He is absolutely rampaging through the RAW roster with the New Nexus, currently targeting Randy Orton after Randy put Punk out back in 2008 and cost Punk his World Heavyweight Title.

He fantastically called Randy "Randall" in his last segment and I believe he could soon be wearing gold again.

By targeting possibly the fans' favorite superstar on the roster he is getting more and more heat each week.

With WrestleMania coming up, is there any stopping Punk, or will Randy Orton get to all his Nexus buddies first before they get to him?