Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week 3

David ArreolaSenior Analyst ISeptember 23, 2008

Part three of the most criticized article in the sports community!

Last week was a pretty easy decision, as Aaron Rodgers easily out-dueled Favre for the win. The B/R community supported my decision of Rodgers as he tied up the score with Favre.

Week 3

Green Bay Packers 16
Dallas Cowboys     27

Aaron Rodgers: 22-39 290 yds., 0 TDs 0 INTs (1 rushing TD)

The Good: One word comes to mind when I look back on Rodgers' performance; Average. Nothing bad, nothing spectacular. Having 22 completions for 290 yards is efficient. He managed the game, led the team to sixteen points against a pretty good Dallas defense. 

He largely made short and safe throws. He did open it up a couple of times and kept the Packers within striking distance of the Cowboys. But, his defense gave him no help by allowing over 200 rushing yards.

The Bad: The same exact word I used above: average. He managed the game, but didn't win it. He couldn't go deep against the Dallas secondary. He was mobile and kept plays alive, only to check down to running backs.

The majority of his yards were in the fourth quarter when they were down two scoring possesions and Dallas was playing a prevent-type defense. He didn't take the chances you need to take in a game of this magnitude.

New York Jets         29
San Diego Chargers  48

Brett Favre: 30-42 271 yds., 3 TDs 2 INTs

The Good: Three touchdown passes, and thirty completions. On the first drive, the Jets showed they were ready to commit to Favre by passing three straight plays. He kept to what he knew, and that is slinging the ball. He would watch familiar routes and would show his arm strength to get the completion.

Early in the fourth quarter, after the Jets had scored off the converted onside kick, there was a slight moment in which people began to believe in the Favre magic. Instead, it was deflated by the Chargers offense. Favre looked accurate, sans the interceptions, and it looks like he really is moving along.

The Bad: Favre was Favre in the first half. Terrible communication and a bad throw led to early interceptions that put the Jets behind for the rest of the game.

Like with Rodgers, the majority of his stats came when they were down by multiple scoring possessions. The game got out of hand fast, and Favre was forced to throw forty-two passes. The second interception was a clear indication that Favre and his receivers have not found the chemistry they will need if they want to win.

The Pick
This week reminds me a lot of week one. Both quarterbacks were in virtually the same positions. Both the Jets and the Packers played two of the best teams in the NFL, and their defenses folded under the pressure. Both quarterbacks got most of their stats in "meaningless minutes."

Alas, I must pick a winner. Rodgers didn't lose the game for his team, but he did not do much to help them win it. Favre's interceptions put the Jets in a hole early, yet early in the fourth the Jets were making some Charger fans nervous (and probably some Favre fans excited).

Brett Favre turned his game around in the second half, and looked like the fantastic quarterback we know. He threw for 201 yds. and 3 TDs in the second half. Rodgers cannot boast such numbers.

The score at week three is Favre, 2-1, over Rodgers

Next week, Favre's Jets hosts the 2-1 Arizona Cardinals, while Rodgers' Packers head down to face the 2-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.