Minnesota Vikings: It's Time to Move On

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer ISeptember 23, 2008

Not much is worse than a subject that cannot be dropped. Of course, there are certain matters that can, and should be talked and debated about as much as possible, but Brad Childress and the infamous quarterback situation is not one of them. 

The Minnesota Vikings, and more importantly, their fans, need to move on from this situation. What has happened has happened, and there is nothing we can do to change it. Gus Frerotte will likely be taking snaps until the 2008-09 season has drawn to an end and Tarvaris Jackson will be lucky to see any playing time at all.

That’s just the way it is.

Gus Frerotte is our quarterback, and if he can play like he did on Sunday against the Panthers I will have no hidden qualms whatsoever. If the Vikings find ways to lose despite Frerotte’s play the blame is most likely going to Mr. Childress.

Until then, however, I promise there will be no more Childress rants here on Viking Vigil. (Unless Childress does something stupid again and forces me to bring out the whole repertoire of his errors.)

Gus Frerotte


Actually, Frerotte isn’t that bad of a quarterback. Sure, he’s old but he can get the job done. He showed that on Sunday. He can stretch the field and make little dumps to his receivers when the time is right. Frerotte is fully capable of running an offense and has extreme confidence in his abilities.

His internal clock is good, and he can avoid sacks for the most part. Except, of course, when he is stuck in the pocket. He tends to freeze when his pocket collapses, but there is nothing anybody can do about that. He simply doesn’t have the best legs and is incapable of scrambling effectively.

For all Frerotte’s faults there seems to be even more chunks of gold. He has an excellent arm even at 37 years of age, and can make Jay Cutler envious with the amount of zip he whips into his throws. He also has good accuracy for short passes, but is receiving criticism for his long-balls. 

All-in-all Frerotte is the epitome of a veteran quarterback. Good leadership skills coupled with good quarterback skills equals Gus Frerotte.  Here’s hoping he exceeds even my expectations against the Titans.

Again, I’m moving on from these past two weeks. The quarterback controversy is over in my mind; Frerotte has won because Childress said so. As much as I would love to harp on the lack of qualifications of Brad Childress, we need to shift our attention towards Tennessee. 

Be looking out for some pregame, starting tomorrow.


Reprinted from Viking Vigil