Is Mark Cuban the Rock in the Deflating Economy?

mark murrellCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

The government is ready to fork over 700B to save our beloved financial system, which leads me to believe that the other Cub bidders may be too fragile for a the one billion dollar price tag on the Chicago Cubs, most notably, Tom Ricketts.

A recent article (Does market crash affect baseball, sale of Cubs?) suggests that Ricketts’ fortune is most likely taking a big hit and perhaps their viable as a stable suitor should be questioned. Even further, maybe the Ricketts’ people are meeting right now deciding whether or not, now is the best time to purchase a baseball team. So, where does that leave the race to be the next owner of the Chicago Cubs?

Mark Cuban was, and still is the best possible suitor for the Chicago Cubs. For one, his business (Tech/Entertainment/Media) is not overly effected by the economy. As well, he has cross-segmented himself in certain industries, smart move, as you not only get a piece of each stage of a product, but you also control the costs. Finally, he has always been asset over equity, making him more stable against the opposite in our current economic state.

In conclusion is appears that Mark Cuban is the safest option for the MLB. Call it luck, but the failing economy might just get Mark Cuban in the owner’s box. That is of course if Zell does not pull out.

NOTE: Noonan, keep your BIASED options to your self. This is a Cubs site, is'nt there a White Sox blog somewhere out there for you?