Strikeforce vs. UFC: Battle of the Ring Girls, Who's Sexier Pound-for-Sexy-Pound

Christopher HowlandCorrespondent IIIFebruary 13, 2011

Strikeforce vs. UFC: Battle of the Ring Girls, Who's Sexier Pound-for-Sexy-Pound

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    As Antonio “Big Foot” Silva begins to creep his way into the conversations for best active fighter after an impressive knockout of Fedor Emelianenko, a new breed of females also have their eyes on a similar prize to be the best.

    The Strikeforce girls versus the UFC ring girls is a beautiful battle to daydream about, and now, we put these girls head-to-head to see who exactly is the sexiest pound-for-pound ring girl. 

Strikeforce Girls

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    It's hard to deny that these two babes aren't extremely gorgeous, but they're faced with stiff upcoming competition so they need to set the bar high.

    The Strikeforce ring girls are a fresh style of ring girls that came along with Strikeforce's inception into the MMA world in 2009.

    The girls are an easy distraction from the carnage going on inside the ring and sure do know how to make live MMA exciting.

Rockstar Girls

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    The girls of Strikeforce can be seen during almost any fight decked out in sexy Rockstar gear.

    It's usually on the skimpy bikini, but sometimes these girls like to surprise.

    Rockstar's great endorsement of the MMA industry not only proves beneficial for them, but their awesome, retro-star design also looks great on the ring girl's barely-there outfits.

Strikeforce Ring Girls in Action

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    The real action comes when the Strikeforce girls are doing their thing ringside.

    These girls are not only elegantly informative, letting fans know what round this fight is in, but they are also sexy as hell.

    Watch out UFC girls, you have some pretty solid competition out to get you.

UFC Girls

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    Well hello there UFC girls and welcome to the melee known as the sexiest ring girl competition!

    What's not to like?

    The UFC girls have a known reputation around the MMA industry as some of the sexiest in pro sports and look for that reputation to give them the added points when it matters.

UFC Girl Party

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    The more the merrier.

    You can never have too many UFC ring girls in one place at one time, and this photo proves it.

    While the Strikeforce girls flex their muscles to try and intimidate these girls, it's not going to work as long as the UFC girls have their swagger working.

    Another glance at this photo and that should be enough to show their swag is on full blast.

    Nice bike too.

UFC Girls at Work

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    It's widely-known that the UFC girls are a top-of-the-line ring girl.

    Their work ethic, style and overall sex appeal make the UFC girls something to drool over.

    While at work, the UFC girls look as stunning as ever.

    Nothing seems sexier than a hot girl at work, and the girls of UFC know exactly how to make their job look good.

    Bravo girls, bravo.

And The Winner Is...

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    It's got to be the UFC Ring Girls.

    While the Strikeforce girls put up a great fight and are generally sexy as hell, the UFC girls have that aura surrounding them that calls for men's attention.

    UFC girls win it in my book, which side do you think should be the sexier pound-for-sexy-pound champion?