Ray Allen: 5 Shoes, 5 Significant Periods in The Journey to 2,560

Zach HerringCorrespondent IIFebruary 13, 2011

Ray Allen: 5 Shoes, 5 Significant Periods in The Journey to 2,560

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    As you know, Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller’s coveted three point record against the LA Lakers Thursday night. I came across a Nice Kicks article  and decided to show some of my favorite Jordans Allen was wore so, were gonna take a look back at the kicks Sugar Ray has rocked. Including the never-before-seen Air Jordan 13 PEs that he wore that night Thursday against the Lakers. (Pictured on the left.)

Shoe: Air Jordan 2.5 “Christmas”

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    Allen has spent the last four seasons with the Boston Celtics. He provided the Celtics and their fans many enjoyable memories including; breaking the three point record, winning the 07-08 NBA Championship, and many more.

Shoe: Air Jordan 7 “Olympics”

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    Allen received a gold medal in the 2000 Summer Olympics with Team USA.

Shoe: Air Jordan 17 ‘Home’

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    Allen was a member of my beloved Milwaukee Bucks for seven seasons. With 1,051 of Allen’s threes coming with the Bucks, it’s safe to say that Milwaukee was a high point in his career.

    Also, Ray broke the record for three pointers in a half while wearing these Air Jordan 17’s with eight in the first half. Finishing with 10 total for the game.

Shoe: Air Jordan 17

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    Allen won gold in 2003 while wearing these Air Jordan 17’s.

Shoe: Air Jordan 5 ‘Away’

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    Allen spent five seasons in Seattle where he was adored by Sonics fans.  With another 869 threes coming in a Sonics jersey, Seattle was yet another high point in his career.

Whats Next For Sugar Ray?

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    Now the question is, how many more threes does Allen have left in him?

    Will his record be broken? By who? When?

    There are no answers to these questions quiet yet but at the age of 35, Allen might be able to reach 3,000. As he seems like a player who could play till 40 years old. Allen only needs 436 more threes. This would mean around 87 threes per year for the next five years, plus the rest of this season.

    Not many current NBA players have a very good shot at breaking the record although some of the younger players could have a few breakout seasons and make a name a contender. Or we could also see a player who’s in college or maybe still in High School have a shot at the record. Austin Rivers could be a very likely contender if he can keep his high three point percentage.