WWE: Shaul Marie Guerrero Wrestles Her First Match at FCW (Video)

Leva LiesCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2011

Last year, Eddie and Vickie Guerrero's daughter Shaul Marie signed a developmental contract with the WWE and she made her wrestling debut over the weekend. Being the daughter of a legend (and another in the making), most expect big things out of her and at the age of 20, Shaul has all the time in the world to live up to the Guerrero name.

With no prior experience, Shaul will most likely spend at least a year down at developmental and her age guarantees it – the WWE does not bring wrestlers under the age of 21 up to the main roster from everything I've heard.

At the same time, she could learn a lot from fellow FCW Divas Naomi and AJ Lee as well as the guys and the trainers. There is also her cousin Chavo, so Shaul definitely has a wide range of people to learn from.

She is still very young and I have no doubt that the WWE will do as much as they can to make sure she becomes a great wrestler in order to push her as the daughter of one of their most esteemed legends, Eddie Guerrero, and one of the business' top heels, Vickie. The company loves their homegrown talent, of course.

The match features Shaul teaming up with Naomi to take on AJ Lee and Maxine with her mother Vickie also making an appearance.  

You can watch her debut here.

My first reaction to watching her was “Wow, this girl gets it." While Shaul is obviously very green, for her first (or second) match she showed a hell of a lot of potential and heart. She appears more like a Natayla Neidhart than a Lacey Von Erich in the sense that she is out there giving it 110 percent and not just hanging around and relying on her family name. This might be too soon, but I reckon with more training and at least another year in developmental, Shaul could be great.

Her selling was on point also, most likely due to growing up around the business. I think that adds to how much she “gets” it too. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about her that just clicks. Unlike many of the inexperienced girls (and guys) we’ve seen come in, she moves around the ring like someone with a little more experience than she has, which is surprising.

I am one of the biggest Diva Defenders out there, so I can only hope Shaul continues to grow and that the WWE doesn’t just hoist her up to the main roster in a month’s time. She’s already shown a lot of potential so a lengthy run in FCW would give her the opportunity to keep polishing her skills until she’s reached a point where she can work effectively and consistently.

I think she could benefit from working main-roster house shows too, as wrestling some of the top Divas like Natayla, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Gail Kim can only do good.

Overall, the fact that Shaul in one of her first matches appears to be on the same level as Rosa Mendes (who has been training for years) impresses me a lot. She is still very green, but not to the extent that I don’t see her improving in the near future. As long as she polishes up all the basics, I believe Shaul will be fine and has a great future in the world of wrestling.

Plus, she actually looks like she’s having a great time in the ring and trying her best to live up to her family name at the very least. I think Eddie would be proud of the amount of effort Shaul put in here, just like Vickie said when she was on her Twitter.

(Speaking of which, Shaul commented on her Twitter after this match that she sees herself wrestling for the rest of her life, another thing that impressed me.)

As I said above, Shaul is only 20 and has a lot of time to continue training. I wish her all the best! 

What are your thoughts? Are you seeing good things in Shaul Marie Guerrero’s future? What about a program with Vickie on SmackDown, do you see that happening?

-Leva Lies