What Is Missouri's Status Entering Conference Play?

Chris FlanaganContributor ISeptember 23, 2008

The Missouri Tigers looked very dominant in the non-conference season with four wins. It looks to be a great season for the Tigers, but what went well and what went wrong in the non-conference games?


The Good

The offense has not skipped a beat and looks even more dominant than before. They rank first in total offense, third in passing offense, and second in scoring offense. Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin are in Heisman contention, and Chase Coffman looks to be the front runner for the Mackey award.

The rushing offense is ranked 32nd in the NCAA and is very productive. Derrick Washington and Jimmy Jackson make Mizzou's rushing attack very powerful.


The Bad

Our defense. Being ranked 78th in the NCAA in total defense doesn't scream national champion or Big 12 champion. 


The Ugly

Missouri is ranked 118th out of 120 teams in time of possession. This creates problems for our defense because they are out there for 35-40 minutes going full speed. This gets Missouri's defense tired, and when they need to make a big stop in the fourth quarter, they can't because they don't have the energy.



As great as Missouri's offense is on the field, the fact it can't run down the clock is going to cost them when they play a team who has a great offense and great defense.

To win the Big 12, they have to go through Oklahoma. OU ranks fourth in total offense and 10th in total defense. Many Mizzou fans believe that our defense is just like last year, but that is the problem. We could not beat OU last year, which eventually left Mizzou out of the BCS party.

The defense must improve drastically, create turnovers, and make big stops. Our offense needs to help them out by creating three- to four-minute drives.

Mizzou gets the ball about seven to nine times a game. Having a four-minute drive adds up to between 28 and 36 minutes of possession, giving our defense the rest it needs to be able to stop the opposing team.