Let the Show Roll On: 10 Reasons Michael Vick Will Make the Hall of Fame

Adam LufranoCorrespondent IIIFebruary 13, 2011

Let the Show Roll On: 10 Reasons Michael Vick Will Make the Hall of Fame

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    What a comeback.

    Michael Vick was rewarded with the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award earlier this month. He got the award because of his amazing QB play only one year after being released from prison.

    Heck, he even could have gotten the MVP award if it weren't for a guy named Tom Brady.

    Awards aside, Michael Vick is clearly the Philadelphia Eagles' franchise quarterback. He led them to the playoffs the year after Donovan McNabb left, and if it weren't for Tramon Williams, he could have led them to the Super Bowl.

    Vick is one of the most, if not the most, exciting players in the NFL to watch. Sportswriters should pay close attention to Vick because in the not-too-distant future they are going to deciding whether or not he should be in the Hall of Fame.

    Here are 10 reasons Vick will be inducted in Canton.

Still in His Prime

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    Michael Vick is only 30 years old. He has already had so many accomplishments in his career, but that's not to say he can't have plenty more.

    A QB's prime is usually between the ages of 27 and 34, and even though Mike was in prison for some of those years, he still has roughly four more prime years left in him.

    With the year he had, it's going to be tough for defenses to stop him for four more years, and maybe even beyond that.

Strong Arm

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    Michael Vick has one of the strongest arms in the league.

    That was one of the main reasons he was drafted first overall in the draft and that will be one of the main reasons he makes the Hall of Fame.

    When he's not rushing all over the field and throwing screens to McCoy, he'll be throwing deep bombs to his speedy receivers.

    Those throws will put up too many points for offenses to match and the Eagles will win numerous games because of Vick's left arm.

    We saw it last year, and we'll see it again for a long time in Philly.

DeSean Jackson

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    Someone's got to catch those deep bombs, right?

    DeSean Jackson is the fastest receiver in the NFL and is easily one of the best offensive players in the league. He will make Vick's job a whole lot easier over the next couple of years.

    All Vick has to do is throw the ball. Jackson will go get with his speed and elusiveness.

    Let's not forget DeSean Jackson's punt-returning ability. He is second in the NFL only to Devin Hester and his numerous return touchdowns will lift Philly over the top in more than a couple games.

LeSean McCoy

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    LeSean McCoy—the most underrated back in the NFL.

    He is probably the best running back in the league, but for argument's sake, he's in the top five.

    He is an amazing receiving running back and also averages over five yards per rush.

    If it weren't for Philly's love for the pass, McCoy could have gotten 2,000 yards rushing last season.

    LeSean will be tough to game plan against over the coming years. When you pair him with Vick at QB and DeSean at WR, you have an offense that's unstoppable.

    If you can't stop an offense, you're not going to win.

Andy Reid

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    Andy Reid is one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL. He obviously is a great coach.

    He has led the Eagles to numerous NFC Championship games and to one Super Bowl.

    He led Donovan to a Hall of Fame career, and now it's Vick's turn for the same by Coach Reid.

    Andy Reid is a great motivator and great offensive mind. He is a proven coach and proven winner, and with a good coach and a lot of wins, Vick will be hard-pressed not to make the Hall.

Weak Division

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    The NFC East should be an easy division for the Eagles to lock up consistently over Michael Vick's tenure.

    The Eagles will be a premier team; the other three teams in the division just don't match them.

    The Cowboys have Tony Romo as their QB. Enough said.

    The Redskins are awful and are stuck with being a below-average team in the NFC until they can prove they can win games.

    The Giants won't be the same team until they can get some more play makers. Without them, this team just doesn't have the necessary tools to be great.

    Look for the Eagles to win the division and get a first-round bye numerous times over the next five to eight years.

Running Ability

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    Michael Vick is the best rushing QB of all time.


    He is not first on the list of rushing yards by a QB, but he will finish first when it is all said and done.

    Vick has, and will continue to, win games with his legs. He will rush all over the field in most games, and if for some reason he is stopped, he will throw up bombs to Jackson and let him score all the touchdowns.

    Look for a couple 1,000-yard rushing seasons out of Vick in the coming years.

Already Top-Tier

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    Everyone is all hyped up about Aaron Rodgers now that he has won a Super Bowl.

    They're even saying he's a future Hall of Famer.

    Rodgers is a good QB, no doubt, but he is only slightly better than Michael Vick.

    And if Vick is close than a future Hall of Famer, that puts Vick in Canton as well.

    Vick has four Pro Bowl appearances. How many does Rodgers have?


Super Bowl Rings

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    You see Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers in that picture?

    That's going to be Asante Samuel and Michael Vick in no time.

    The Philadelphia Eagles franchise is the best in the NFL and it has gone too long without a Super Bowl.  Vick will change that in a hurry.

    Vick will lead the Eagles to at least one Super Bowl victory in his tenure in Philly, if not more. With his statistical dominance, it'll be hard to keep him out of the Hall with rings on his fingers.

    And if winning the big game wasn't enough, Michael Vick will win the Super Bowl MVP award at least once.

    It'll be a joke if he's not inducted in Canton. 

He's Clutch

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    The biggest reason Michael Vick will make the Hall of Fame?

    He's clutch.

    He's obviously the most clutch player in the NFL today. Just watch the fourth quarter of the Eagles-Giants game if you don't believe me.

    He did throw a game-ending pick to Tramon Williams in the playoffs, but not even Ben Roethlisberger could manufacture a game-winning drive against the Packers in the postseason.

    The Packers were a team of destiny this season—Vick couldn't do anything about that.

    But the Packers achieved their Super Bowl title, so destiny will not get in the way anymore.

    Vick will dominate fools in the fourth quarter as usual and Vick will punch his ticket to Canton after every legendary comeback.

    There's no limit for the Philadelphia QB.

    Well actually, there is.

    It's called Canton.