Bears-Eagle, One Of Top Defence V. One Of Top Offence, Could Be Interesting

Daniel HynesCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

While week three has finished up, teams are now preparing and game planning for their next opponent. While injury's have come out little by little some teams have taking a big hit while others have taken little ones.

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken a hit to their running back, Brian Westbrook. He is listed as questionable, and day to day. The Eagles do have McNabb, which is just as good. He has the power and speed to get down field running or to air it out for a deep pass. Though he does not have that outstanding receiver like a Randy Moss or T.O. he does have speed receivers, who can make decent catches. That was Proved in week one and in week two, while in week three he was shout down, as well as he may not be 100 percent, after leaving early, and coming back, he will always be ready to play.

The Chicago Bears have an outstanding defence, through the first three quarters. The last two weeks the bears have had double digit leads after half time and the defence let it slip. The offence for the bears is not much better, they have a god running back, but to real quarterback, or a number one receiver. If the Bears want to have a chance they are going to need to find a way to get the passing game involved.

The Eagles are going to be gameplanning a  way to stop the run of Chicago, while forcing them to pass. If the Eagles want to be successful they need to blitz and shake up Kyle Orton. While they work on there defence, the offence with out their number one back need to scheme a way to burn the secondary and corners of the Bears defence.

While the Bears need a miricle for the defence not to collapse in the forth quarter, they will need some more help from the offence. and putting up more than just field goals inside the red zone

The predicted winner of the game will be the Eagles,  28-24 over the Bears