Top Five Highlights From Cubs 2008 Season

Katelyn GrabarekSenior Analyst ISeptember 23, 2008

5.  The Comeback win.  The date was May 30, 2008. The opponent were the Colorado Rockies. The Cubs were down by 8 runs after starter Ted Lilly was pulled after only three innings of work.  Who would have thought the Cubs would come back to win?  Sure enough sparked by the bottom half of the lineup the Cubs scored ten runs to come back and win the game 10-9 in what could be considered the early tearning point for the season.  This was the game that won Jim Edmonds over in all Cubs fans hearts.

4. Ryan Dempster.  I know I was one of the naysayers for Ryan Dempster becoming a starter.  Boy was I wrong!  17 wins later, and a sub three ERA Dempster has been a constant force in the rotation, especially at home.  Dempster has compiled 14 wins and a 2.86 ERA at home this season which is sure to be a plus with the Cubs having home field advantage until the World Series.

3.  Geovanny Soto The rookie catcher has come on like gang busters this season.  The rookie all star catcher has not only hit for power, but has learned to call a great game.  The Cubs pitchers have raved about him all season.  Playing in 140 games this season, Soto has clubbed 35 doubles, and 23 home runs as a rookie.  I'm sure we will see great things for many seasons from this kid.  If this were any other year I might be saying this is a kid you could build a franchise around.

2.  Four game sweep of the Brewers.  No holds barred this was a huge turning point this season.  The Cubs had a one game lead heading into this crucial series with the Brewers.  They went up north and took care of business.  It was the end of July and the Cubs had just started sliding and the Brewers were taking off like wild fire.  The Cubs exploited the Brewers lack of defensive prowess, and took advantage of all their opportunities and were able to come out with a five game lead, and didn't look back until they clinched.

1.  Zambrano-no.  We all knew it would happen one day it was just a matter of when.  Of course I was one of those disgruntled Cubs fans who was disgusted to find that the Cubs game was not on television.  However, ever since Zambrano tossed the one hitter against Arizona a few years ago, I knew it would happen soon.  Despite his ups and downs this season, "Baby Bull" has grown into the ace of this staff, and will be the difference between this year's team and that of the 2003 staff.