Can the "Buds" Turn The Season Around, or Are the Toronto Maple Leafs in for Some Changes?

Joe GillenCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2008

This Wednesday starts a west coast swing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, starting in Anahiem.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are going into this road trip with one thing on their minds, and thats getting this ship turned around.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently on another dismal losing streak, this up coming west coast swing could make or break the Leafs season, so with that in mind they can't afford to play sloppy pick up style hockey.

This road trip could also mark the end of John Ferguson jr GM duties here in Toronto.

The Maple Leafs this season have seemed to play alot better on the road than at home, which means if they play hard and stay out of the penalty box they could squeeze out some much needed points and perhaps save JFJ's duties.

With all the injuries Paul Maurice has a hard task at hand, lots of line juggling and figuring who's in the line up and who's out.

Coming home after this road trip could be a hard one if the Leafs don't salvage some points, Why, you ask? Because there could be an all out yard sale and nobody's safe.

You know that old saying in sports, we are in the rebuilding stage? Ha, ha, ha—thats what Torontonians might be saying after this road swing, and I'm really not looking forward to that.