Breaking News: Stephon Marbury Will Be Waived by the End of the Week

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst ISeptember 23, 2008

According to Newsday the New York Knicks will waive Stephon Marbury by the end of the week. New York Knicks owner James Dolan must approve of Donnie’s decision before finalizing the transaction.

The tattoo-headed Knick started his career in Madison Square Garden in 2004 when he was traded from Phoenix for Howard Eisley, Charlie Ward, Antonio McDyess, Maciej Lampe, and an additional future first round pick in 2010.

It was said if Stephon Marbury played for his hometown team he would change his egotistical, shoot first ways and play team-oriented basketball due to his passion for the New York ball club. Boy, were they wrong!

Now, the Coney Island native will be placed on waivers by the end of the week and will be able to sign with any team he wants once cleared.

Pat Riley's Miami Heat seem to be the most interested in Stephon. They lack a veteran point guard with the departure of Jason Williams to the Los Angeles Clippers.