WWE Pay Per Views: My Problem With How WWE Books Some of Their Events

Joe HubbsContributor IIFebruary 12, 2011

I have been and likely always will be a WWE fan. As unfair as it is to say, there is probably little that the McMahons and Co. could do (that they would do) that would scare me away. This gives them very little accountability, which leads to problems. Here's one.

There is a significant lack of buildup given to any match other than the top-tier championship matches and feature bouts on any given PPV card. We are a week away from the PPV that will lead us into WrestleMania and there are only THREE MATCHES ANNOUNCED!

At least for this PPV that means that 14 superstars have a booked match. What about the rest?? As of now, nothing! And what is worse is that this same process is observable in PPVs that do NOT have two matches with 6 superstars each in them. There are a lot of people I'd like to see wrestle and I don't even know if they're wrestling yet when considering whether I am going to buy an event.

The most despicable example of this in my opinion is the ECW December to Dismember PPV. I am not a huge ECW fan but I did get interested in the brand when I came to know it more after WWE bought it. It's revival was a bit of a disgrace for true ECW fans, though at least some of the spirit and superstars were able to live on.

Then they gave ECW their biggest potential boost, a second (possibly) annual pay per view AND one of the biggest drawing stipulations—the Elimination Chamber!

Then what do they do? Book NO other matches! They squeezed in a non-ECW match at the very end of the build up (Hardys v. MNM). They had an hour of weekly programming and did very little with it to attract buys for this event. This does not even take into account how they booked almost no original ECW stars in the main event. Following my initial interest in possibly purchasing this PPV, I then decided that if they are not going to give me anything to care about, I am not going to care.

Well, it's happening again. I was seriously considering getting the Elimination Chamber PPV this year until they decided not to tell me what was going to be on it in the weeks leading up to it. I saw some potential undercard feuds building that could really enhance the event, too. For example, Big Show vs. Ezekiel Jackson, Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio, or Daniel Bryan vs. Ted Dibiase. But as of now, there is no guarantee they will be there, and honestly, I am making other plans.

Other matches (perhaps even some of these) may very well go on. But why not book them now? What is the point of not doing so? I hope some of you can answer this question for me as I am lost.