Donald Trump and 9 of Sports Most Annoying Non-Athletes

Tommy StewartContributor IFebruary 13, 2011

Donald Trump and 9 of Sports Most Annoying Non-Athletes

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    They are the people you get tired of seeing. They don't play but you're always forced to watch them on your television or on the big board at the arena. You're sick of them yet they won't go away. They are the most annoying non-athletes in sports and here's my "salute" to them. May they take the hint and never be seen near sports again.

Donald Trump

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    The bottom line is Donald Trump thinks he's bigger than every sporting event he attends. It is a big event because he is there. Yeah, right. He failed with the USFL and most WWE fans cringe whenever his buddy Vince McMahon allows him to show up on RAW or Smackdown. I wish all the so-called athletes that he's friends with would remind him that people come to see them and not him. He's delusional so he'd probably tell them their jealous of him.  Finally, all the reporters looking to do an interview during the game, if you ever choose Trump're fired!

Fireman Ed

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    You're team has never won anything since 1969. Certainly nothing since you've become a known entity. I respect your passion and willingness to stick with your team. However, the fact that you've lead chants in the stands for years and the team has failed to even get to a Super Bowl might tell you that the mojo ain't working. Maybe the year you decide to stop coming to games is the year they go all the way. Talk about a win-win for everyone.

Notre Dame Leprechaun

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    You're the mascot for an underachieving, overrated college football team. A team that most of America hates. You aren't special. Yet you run around waving the Notre Dame flag trying to get fans who know their team sucks to cheer. I'd almost feel sorry for you if NBC didn't put you on camera as much as the Fighting Irish head coach. That's annoying. Why don't they let the Leprechaun try to kick field goals? Then when he misses at the end of a game we'd really have an excuse to give him a close up.

Ray Allen's Mother

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    Where was she when Ray-Ray was in Milwaukee? Where was she when he was in Seattle? He goes to Boston and she's like Tom Heinsohn, an annoying institution. Does that mean Ms. Allen is a front runner? I have my opinion but I'll let you decide. Every time Allen hits a shot in a game, we see Mom cheer. I know she's proud of him but jeez. Someone get her a Chunky Soup ad so she can disappear like Donovan McNabb's Mother.

Bob Costas

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    I'll make this simple. He annoys me because of his inability to accept reality. Barry Bonds is the all time MLB home run leader. Costas can try to make excuses because he doesn't like this fact but it is the truth whether he likes it or not. He can use the word "real" if he wants, but that gives me the right to want a "real" sportscaster whenever I'm forced to hear one of his sanctimonious diatribes. Go away, Bob. Please go away.

Philadelphia Sports Fans

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    They run on the field at games and get taser treatment. They regurgitate on and start fights with fans of other teams. They vandalize cars when their teams fail to get the job done. How is this not annoying? These folks always claim it shows their "passion" whenever they do something stupid. Philadelphia fans try to portray themselves as victims that are picked on by everyone else. Yet, they continue to provide ammunition. Some people never learn.

Allen Selig

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    He's been mishandling Major League Baseball since 1992. There should be at least some competence in the Commissioner's Office.  Forget the many bungled decisions he's made. The annoying factor comes with him pretending that everything is all good with the sport when we all know different. He gets on camera and says how wonderful things have been on his watch. He turned a blind eye to steroids and refuses to let Pete Rose in the Hall Of Fame. Not to mention not overturning Armando Galarraga's imperfect perfect game last year. What do you expect from a former car salesman?

Basketball Wives

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    Stop your complaining. You get to live in the lap of luxury and live a privileged life. When things go wrong, you get a nice fat payment for all your trouble. I don't feel sorry for you at all. A lot of NBA players like the ladies and if you marry one, don't be surprised if they don't give up that habit. If I realize it, you should, too. Just don't annoy me by whining to anyone who'll listen.

Chris Berman

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    Berman's Bill O' Reilly-like rant that has become legendary on the web doesn't do him justice. His nice guy routine is obviously just a ruse. Not to mention how corny he has become. The nicknames are alright but if I hear him call the NFL Draft the "2011 Selection Meeting" again or be the first to wish me a Happy anything, I think I'll break my television set. Berman gives the kind of artificial, over-the-top, trying too hard performances that has made him the King of Annoying. Short may he reign. 

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