Week Four Picks: A Crazy NFL Season

Matt HunterCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

Well for my first week picking games I think I fared pretty well.  I mean who would have thought Indianapolis was going to lose at home again?  Along with the smack-down that Miami put on New England.  I ended up going 11-5 in my first week picking games ever, and I am thinking that is not too bad of a start.

Me and Frank have added somebody else to the competition. His name is Jacob Simpson, and he also went 11-5 last week, and will be continuing the competition with us the rest of the year.

Frank Compatos also went 11-5 in our first week of competition together.
Last week:                          Overall:                   Games Back:
Me: (11-5)                           (11-5)                      ---
Frank: (11-5)                       (11-5)                       ---
Jacob: (11-5)                       (11-5)                      --- 

This week is going to be another good week in the NFL.  There are a lot of good games to look forward too, and a lot of tough picks.  It is hard to just pick teams this season with what has happened in the first three weeks of the NFL. 

You have Buffalo 3-0, and Atlanta 2-1.  Then you have Indianapolis at 1-2, and San Diego as well.  This season may just be one of those years when we have a lot of new faces in the playoffs, which I believe is a good thing.

Now onto my picks for week four of the NFL season.

1. Minnesota (1-2) at Tennessee (3-0)

Now I did not see the Titans starting off the season 3-0, I am not going to lie.  I also did not see the Vikings starting the season at 1-2.  Where does that put me for this game then?  I like Tennessee yet again this week, because they are at home, and seem to have everything working together right now, even without Vince Young.
Titans 28 - Vikings 20

2. Denver (3-0) at Kansas City (0-3)

This is a no brainer, and everybody should pick Denver in this one.  The offense is just putting up points all over the place so far this year.  The defense though is allowing a lot of points as well.  Kansas City has no answer to this onslaught, Denver wins big.
Broncos 38 - Chiefs 13

3. San Francisco (2-1) at New Orleans (1-2)

New Orleans had the win Sunday, but let it get away from them, I do not see them doing the same this weekend at home.  San Francisco has been looking pretty decent so far, but I do not think that they can go into New Orleans and pull this one out.
Saints 30 - 49's 20

4. Arizona (2-1) at New York Jets (1-2)

Arizona I think has figured it out.  They need to throw the ball, and keep throwing the ball.  The one-two punch of Boldin and Fitzgerald is a deadly combo for Arizona, and I think if they continue this it will payoff for them again Sunday. 

The NY Jets just seem to still not have it yet.  With all their off-season acquisitions, one would think that they should be a contender, but are now not looking like that at all.  The West will beat the East in this Sunday contest.
Cardinals 30 - Jets 23

5. Green Bay (2-1) at Tampa Bay (2-1)

This again should be a tough challenge for up and coming Packers as they head down South for this game.  Rodgers is looking good already this year, and even though they lost this past weekend he seemed to still do very well. 

Tampa pulled one out last weekend in the closing seconds, but I do not think that they can pull this one out this weekend.  I am taking Green Bay away.
Packers 28 - Tampa Bay 21

6. Atlanta (2-1) at Carolina (2-1)

Ok so who saw Atlanta in first place after three weeks?  Ya exactly nobody did.  This team throws in a rookie QB into the mix, and now this team is looking like they have been playing together for five years. 

The bad news though for them is that they have to travel to Charlotte to play a tough Carolina team.  Carolina has their star Steve Smith back, and I think this will help them pull threw this game.
Panthers 23 - Falcons 16

7. Houston (0-2) at Jacksonville (1-2)

This is too easy, so I am not going to talk much about it.  Jacksonville is too go to even be 1-2, and Houston is at the right record of 0-3.  Jacksonville wins an easy one.
Jaguars 33 - Texans 13

8. Cleveland (0-3) at Cincinnati (0-3)

I do not even want to write about these teams.  They are both playing horrible football, and you can see that they as teams have no desire to win either.  I am taking Cincy in this one because of their close loss last week.
Bengals 27 - Browns 23

9. San Diego (1-2) at Oakland (1-2)

Well at least they do not have to travel very far for this 'away' game.  San Diego showed on Monday night that they should not be a 0-2 team, and they proved that one greatly. 

Oakland is in shambles.  The coach is suppose to get fired, and then he does not and he does not know what is going on.  This week may actually be the week where he gets fired and he knows it.
Chargers 37 - Oakland 13

10. Buffalo (3-0) at St. Louis (0-3)

Well Buffalo is catching a great early schedule this year, and it is looking like they will continue this winning streak this weekend against a bad St. Louis team.  St. Louis should be better than this with all the talent that they have on the team, but for some reason the chemistry between the players is not there, and will continue to diminish in Week Four.
Bills 23 - Rams 12

11. Washington (2-1) at Dallas (3-0)

This should be a pretty good game for a while with two division teams going at it in Dallas.  Dallas is just too powerful though this year, and looks like the real deal for the Super Bowl already.  Washington will hang around for a good bit of the game, but Dallas puts it to them in the second half.
Cowboys 31 - Redskins 21

12. Philadelphia (2-1) at Chicago (1-2) SUNDAY NIGHT

Philadelphia came off a big win against Pittsburgh on Sunday, and it was a hard hitting win at that.  I think that they keep the motor churning this week as they roll into Chicago to face a good Chicago team.  I just do not think that Chicago can handle the offense of Philadelphia or the good defense that they have either.
Eagles 17 - Bears 10

13. Baltimore (2-0) at Pittsburgh (2-1) MONDAY NIGHT

Pittsburgh is coming off a horrible game against the Eagles, with their line giving up eight sacks.  Ben needs to realize that he has to get rid of the ball a lot quicker, and try not to make plays from broken plays.  Just get out of the pocket and throw the ball away, if he does this he will help his team out by not losing so many yards, and he will help his body out by not taking so many hits. 

Baltimore has played two horrible teams their first two games, and so I do not give them credit for being in first place.  I think they get brought into reality on Monday, and Joe Flacco gets to see what  real defense looks like.  The Steel Curtain will be coming down on Monday night, and with that Pittsburgh reclaims the division.
Steelers 27 - Ravens 13

Well those are my Week Four picks.  Hopefully I can improve from last weeks record, and start to pull away from Frank a bit in our little competition.


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