WWE Achilles Tendon Has Officially Been Cut: Here's to Healing

Joel DanielsContributor IFebruary 12, 2011

One-Legged Racer
One-Legged Racer

Apparently, thanks solely to the fact that I take the time to read the articles posted on this site, Vince McMahon is suffering something of an approximate 23% loss in PPV sales (a drop from 2009 to 2010). This is literally a bullet wound to the chest for WWE. Money is the Achilles tendon of the WWE, and now it's been severely cut. This wound is the silent boycott that WWE needs to address and thus end by making changes to the product.

So, being a fan of the good old company, I'll come out and make a few exacted suggestions that are aimed more to ensuring the longevity of the WWE, rather than, say, satisfying my own personal vendetta.

1. Re-Think the PPVs

Themed PPVs have got to go. There are too many of them that hold no transitional value to the PPVs we're used to seeing. Give TLC the boot and hand us back the Backlash PPV (at least it continued the feuds that still seethed from WM).

Speaking of numbers, give us a smaller number of PPVs to look forward to. I can no longer cope with having three PPVs shoved down my throat in the time span of two months. It hurts my wallet...and my throat.

As for hurting...or not...Anyway, saving the best feuds for the WM match card makes me ...I don't know...NOT want to pay for anything except for WM. WWE needs to make their PPVs important again by having some see the end of long-term feuds...while others could start new ones from that bout.

2. Build Better Feuds

Elimination Chamber is coming and who is truly excited? I mean really, really excited? If you are then I congratulate your bravado. Me? I'm skipping this one out. The feuds in this PPV are:

A. Already seen many, many times (ala, Dolph Ziggler vs. Edge)

B. Not cared about due to the outcome being predetermined (ala, Miz vs Jerry where we all see Miz retaining—how is speculated).

C. Generally questioned (ala, Since when did the Elimination Chamber become a number one contender's bout? See RAW Chamber for more details).

And D. IC title. Tag titles. Us Title. Apparently those no longer exist.

WWE, I urge you now more than ever...if you want to see profit from your PPV buy-outs, then for the love of all things decent, give us feuds that make us WANT to... no... that make us HAVE to see the match live.

3. Re-Construct Characters

I've already written out my views on the WWE heels of the now, so let's just get right to it. WWE needs to demoralize its faces.

CeNexus was not successful because of John Cena. It was successful (meaning: it had you interested) because John Cena had fallen to the dark side and was being held there by our resident Lex Luger.

Nothing is wrong with tearing hope away from the hero and transitionally giving the villain more power. It makes the bad guy seem stronger, the good guy more likeable (as we the viewers sympathize with said good guy), and the summary of the feud worth paying for. I may not like TLC, or John Cena but I paid to see Superman vanquish his enemy... (bias: not because I care about Cena, but because it meant the end to the dreaded CeNexus issue and the forward movement of Wade Barrett.)

So WWE, personalize your feuds. CM Punk vs Orton is a good start, but to make that feud memorable, we need to see months of Orton getting further and further away from hope—not by making him the weekly victim of the New Nexus' beat down, but by bringing him so close and then having CM tear him so far only to see the end of Punk's dark reign come at one of your PPVs. Not at this year's WM.

4. Re-Marry the Words "Prestige" and "Championship"

I could talk about the buried tag titles, the unknown US Title, the useless IC Title, and the Divas what? all day long, but instead, I'll go for the big guns.

As of late the WWE and WHC are now nothing more than the titles you hold in order to say "I am the best on this brand" rather than "I am the best in the world". Many speculate the unification of those two championships will fix this problem, and even I have to agree; however, at what point did that become the only salvation for the WWE titles?

I don't know the answer to that, and I'm sure you'd be happy to tell me, but I do know that there was a time when winning either one of those titles made you the best in the world. And WWE needs to bring that back not by drastically unifying the titles, but rather by making the victors work at it.

And I mean really work at it.

This point all dates back to the third - demoralizing. Look at the way Shawn Micheals hounded the Undertaker for that WM rematch. Now, imagine Shawn self-destructing—the same way he did last year—over a title rematch. The World Heavyweight Championship would instantly gain prestige seeing that one man would willingly put himself through all those trials just to get a shot at it.

Of course, this sword has a double-edge. The title holder would have to be a force to be reckoned with. He'd retain cowardly enough like a heel, but crafty enough to make the win look good (refer to John Cena at Extreme Rules last year...oh wait. He's a "good guy"). The Champion wouldn't have to be HHH or Undertaker. He could be CM Punk. And Micheals could be the struggling Randy Orton who's trying in every known way to gain the WWE Title, only to be thwarted by legit losses, and even a few possible New Nexus interferences, that sees him destroying himself and everything else. In the end, of course, he would catch a break.  Maybe CM would extend a generous hand laced with barbed edges that would see Randy losing his one opportunity but winning at the rematch that would collocate at...you guessed it: one of WWE's revitalized PPVs.

Well, as I said before, these are mere suggestions. No one has to like them - it's your opinion - but know that this fact stands:

If this 23% drop in sales did not serve as the wake-up call that WWE needed in order to quit bulls@#tting us fans, then you can all start saving for that $30 The Rise And Fall of WWE: DVD... on sale now at WWEShop.com