No NFL, No Problem: 10 Sports To Watch While You Wait For Football

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No NFL, No Problem: 10 Sports To Watch While You Wait For Football
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The threat of a work stoppage in the country's most popular sport looms over all fans. It is an inky, black cloud rolling over the sports landscape.

Questions abound as negotiations grind to halt. Neither side is willing to concede to the other.

Valid points fly through the media: The owners want more meaningful games (Stop trying to say the fans want it, owners. Just own up to the fact that you want it. I'm happy with the current slate of 16 games. The schedule makes sense. I could do without a couple preseason games, but that is another story)

The players want to see an accounting of where all the money they generate is going. Other companies have to open their financial records to scrutiny. Why don't NFL owners?

The owners want to cut salaries, especially rookie salaries. This is a valid point, I feel. Why should a kid who has not played a single down in the NFL make more than a proven player? I would love to be paid for my potential instead of my production. I would be a millionaire, too. (I'm telling you, B/R, I'm the next Jim McKay. I should be paid as such)

The players want more security beyond their playing days, especially in terms of health care. Yeah, I get that. These guys abuse their bodies for years. They want to know they are not going to have to foot the bill for the injuries they suffer, or any long term effects of those injuries.

Both sides have valid arguments, but what has been overlooked is this one fact: There is going to be nothing to watch on Sundays this fall!

I'm sure my wife will want me to watch reruns of the Real Housewives of Atlanta that she has recorded on our DVR. (Why did I ever teach her how to use that thing?) I'm sorry, but if I am forced to watch one more minute of that show, I will have no choice but to throw my game used Steve Konowolchuk hockey stick through my huge, beautiful television.

Fear not, fellow NFL refugees. I have found a few substitutes to while away the hours while we wait for our favorite game to return. 

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