WWE's Kelly Kelly: Do Not Let the Babyface Fool You

Zoe EyvelisseContributor IIFebruary 12, 2011

There have been various articles and online sources reporting that the WWE Creative Team has brought up the possibility of turning SmackDown’s Blonde Bombshell, Kelly Kelly, into a heel.

I have seen a few articles here in the Bleacher community saying why she can’t, so I had to really sit down and think about this.

My conclusion is that I believe she can do it and I’m going to explain to you why.

Kelly Kelly started her WWE career in 2006, on ECW, doing stripteases for the crowd which eventually turned into Kelly's Exposé. She was paired on-screen with Mike Knox, who portrayed her jealous boyfriend who would often interrupt the Diva’s Exposé by covering her up with a towel. She, along with Knox, would feud with the likes of Test (RIP), Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Kevin Thorn and Ariel.

A story line that I felt should have continued was the Kelly Kelly, CM Punk and Mike Knox feud. Kelly would develop a crush on CM Punk—not that I blame her in any way—which would have Knox step in and remind the Diva who’s the man.

After a scripted injury received from Mike Knox, Kelly returned to ECW and revamped Kelly’s Exposé, but this time she was joined by Layla and Brooke. Together, they formed Extreme Exposé which involved choreography, as well. The trio didn’t last too long because Brooke was released from the company, thus ending the Exposé.

So what is next for the Blonde Bombshell? She would be drafted to Raw in 2008 and put in several tag-team matches with more losing efforts than winning.

She won a Divas battle royal to become the No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship only to win the match against Maryse, but not the belt.

In 2010, she was drafted to SmackDown and immediately started a feud with LayCool after a backstage meeting. With LayCool being the top female heels at the time, you’d think putting her in a feud with the Flawless best friends would further her career, but not this time.

In her SmackDown debut match with Rosa Mendes, Kelly got the win which would be followed by a series of other matches where she would beat the likes of Michelle McCool and Layla, in singles competition. She was unsuccessful at winning the Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank, though.

After failing to win the championship on two separate occasions, what’s left for the SmackDown Diva?

Oh, here’s an idea! Let’s put her in a story line with one of the greatest men to grace the SmackDown ring: Drew McIntyre. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I was secretly hoping this would be the time where she’d turn heel and if the writers are really considering this, God has answered my prayers.

If you’ve been paying attention to SmackDown, you can see that this story line is lacking serious chemistry and base. Kelly Kelly is criticizing Drew for “beating” up on Trent Baretta, who, mind you, slapped the Chosen One in the face—yet she and the beautiful Kaitlyn attack LayCool from behind.

The story line seemed to come to a halt when Kelly added herself to Dolph Ziggler and Edge’s championship match at the Royal Rumble. Everyone, including myself, was wondering, what the hell?

I was happy that Dolph didn’t win, but what part does Kelly play in this?

Last week, Kelly, in a surprisingly decent promo, explained that she’s tired of Vickie Guerrero going through her personal things. What personal things? We shall never know.

So what was her punishment? Edge and Kelly Kelly vs. LayCool and Dolph Ziggler with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. With the spear banned, the "Rated R superstar" felt he was going to lose his championship that night because he had no “faint” in Kelly.

And let’s face it—she really has no in-ring talent, so he had a right to worry.

Yes, the spear was banned, but it was only banned from Edge using it. Vickie said nothing about Ms. Kelly using it and so she did. After spearing Layla, Edge retains, but at the cost of Kelly getting fired by the vindictive, acting GM, Vickie Guerrero.

WWE’s Barbie hasn’t much of a successful career and really is just another pretty face, so maybe the writers are onto something here.

So why do I think Kelly Kelly would be a decent heel? Here are my reasons:


She Has the Girl Next Door Looks Which Could She Use to Her Advantage

She’s the girl you want, the girl of your dreams, but she’s the girl you won’t ever be with. It would be like waving a hot meal in front of a homeless man. You know he wants it and if you’re a jerk, you’ll get a good laugh out of it by teasing the hell out of the man. And that’s what Kelly does well (see, Kelly’s Exposé).


(Probably) Pair Her with a Very Good Heel

The story line with McIntyre could have gone so much better had it been properly executed. We could have seen them tagging together in matches and the chemistry would have been built from there.

But since she’s involved herself in the Ziggler/Edge feud, maybe she could be paired with Edge. Although Edge is a face at the moment, she could start off by liking Edge and seem like she’d help him retain the title, but in the end, screws him over. The writers could use her firing as her reasons and then, McIntyre enters.


She’s Been a Babyface for Her Entire WWE Career

I personally feel like if a WWE athlete has the chance to try-out as a heel and babyface, why not do it? She may be not a natural heel like Maryse or Michelle McCool, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. I remember seeing people say that Trish Stratus wouldn’t make a good heel—but boy, did she amaze me and everyone else.


She’s Never Been Champion

This right here should be the primary focus if Vince gives the green light for her heel turn. She could be so tired of not getting the respect she deserves (or think she deserves) and just start doing whatever she wants to WHOEVER she wants.

She could start by sabotaging matches on the heels’ behalf, no one in particular, and so on. You know they say that you should go after what you want, no matter what, right?

So, I think that with the right direction, Kelly Kelly could make a decent heel. Everyone has to start somewhere. What do you think?