Cole-Miners Unite: Why The IWC Needs To Show More Appreciation For Michael Cole

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIFebruary 12, 2011

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've noticed a thing or two that's different about Smackdown, and no, it's not Vickie's God-awful new hairdo.  It's more like this, can you dig it sucka? Yes, Booker T has now been, for the last couple weeks, part of the Smackdown announcer team.

I know a lot of people like him coming back, but this was just the wrong way of doing it.  The IWC is giving immense praise to Booker T for joining the announcer team, which I don't understand.  Booker T is hands-down the worst commentator in WWE history, yes, I just said it.

 He sounds like he has a sore throat when he talks, so you can never understand what he's saying, And when you do understand what he is saying, it is so bland and it doesn't contribute anything to the match.

"He's gonna do it!"

"wait for it! Ooh, that looked like it hurt!"

"He''ll be feeling that one for the next week!"

Constantly he's been caught reading off a script during the match.  You'll be watching the action, and in the background you see Booker T starting intently at his lap while talking.  Hmm, I wonder what he's doing, maybe the TV monitor's in a place where he has to look down to see it.

We cut him some slack his first show, but at this point, he hasn't shown any signs of improvement, Mr. McMahon is probably kicking himself for making this decision.

But then I remembered that Mr. McMahon didn't care about Smackdown, which means he'll probably be on commentary for the next 2 years, and I started kicking myself.

Now your probably wondering, "what does this have to do with Michael Cole?"

Let's look at Michael Cole shall we.

When Cole started his heel turn, a lot of the times, he was, shall we say, "undecided" on his commentary.  Whether or not he was a fan of a wrestler or not.

One minute he'd be calling out NXT season winner 3 Kaval, saying he only won because the internet loved him.  The next minute he'd be talking about Kaval's big heart and his never quit attitude.

But he's evolved, and the sooner the IWC realizes that the better.

Every time one of the Smackdown "face" commentators makes a slick comment dissing a heel, I always think, "how's Michael Cole going to make a comeback to that comment?"

Time and time again, he finds away.  It truly amazes me, call me a Cole-miner, I don't care.

In a way, he has been able to push The Miz through commentating.  When the Miz is in action, Michael Cole talks for him.  Ever heard of a commentator pushing a young superstar from the sidelines?  Michael Cole has been able to do that. 

Unlike Booker T, he is actually loud, clear, and actually makes sense when he talks.  He is able to draw cheap heat, which is heat nonetheless, and unlike Booker T, he actually looks like a commentator.

The voice, the suits, the name, the hair, the attitude, it has heel commentator all over it.  Booker T looks like some dirty dread-locked washed up has been.  Booker T is just making Michael Cole look better.

Jim Ross isn't going to return, the WWE needs a man to step up and lead the WWE commentator crew.  Sure, Cole has a long way to go before he can claim that title, but out of all the commentators on the WWE roster, I feel he is the most ready at the MOMENT. 

Face commentators like Booker T are boring, there way too easy to make and they all sound the same.  Michael Cole is something new in today's era, something fresh.

Cole-Miners, UNITE.