WWE Superstar of the Week: Feb. 6 to Feb. 12

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIFebruary 11, 2011

This week of WWE programming gave us the continuation of various storylines. On Raw, the Nexus reigned supreme destroying everyone in their path, except for Super Cena. This guy kills momentum, but that is another discussion for another article.

One thing Raw did produce was a contender for my Superstar of the Week; CM Punk. Punk had a good night on Raw, leading the Nexus to a victory over R-Truth, destroying Sheamus and Randy Orton. CM Punk even took a stiff shot and was actually bleeding. CM Punk, with his bloodied face of a warrior, took Raw under control.

Punk and the Nexus do have a few things against them however. Michael McGillicutty lost his match against John Morrison without putting up much of a fight. Punk fixed this problem by spraying Morrison with a mysterious spray. The last glaring problem with Punk's resume is John Cena. Yes Punk technically beat Cena but Cena was standing tall at the end of Raw.

Also on Raw, Alberto Del Rio continued his momentum by defeating Santino Marella. Alberto gets consideration for the Superstar of the Week because he defeated Santino Marella on Raw, and the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston on Smackdown. Alberto has two wins on his side with no real negatives. Alberto was attacked by Kofi but Del Rio got the last laugh with the win.

While CM Punk had Raw under control, John Cena would prove to be a pain in his side yet again. Alberto Del Rio took care of business twice, defeating Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston. It is for these reasons that Alberto Del Rio is the Superstar of the Week.