Redskins Cardinals quick take

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 22, 2008

The biggest complaint coming out of the Valley of the Sun today is that the Cardinals were "robbed" of a touchdown when the referee called a delay of game penalty on a fourth and one play on Arizona's first offensive possession. Ken Whisenhunt decided to go for it at the Washington 41 and Arizona came out in a tight formation.

At first I thought that Kurt Warner was going to try to draw the Redskins offside but the ball was snapped. However, a whistle blew just before the snap, just after the play clock hit zero.

Or, if you ask Warner and Whisenhunt, just before the clock ran out.

As far as the clock Whisenhunt was looking at, "There was one second left."

Warner said, "I know without a shadow of a doubt that I was watching the clock and there was one second when the ball was snapped.

"I don't know what the referee saw. I don't know what happened.

"But it's frustrating because there may have been a touchdown on the play."

I don't know about the play clock. I wasn't looking at it at the time and it wasn't shown on the FOX broadcast.

And I guess you could say that there "may have been a touchdown" on the play. Warner threw to tight end Ben Patrick, who was open about 10 yards downfield and cruised into the end zone.

So, it could have been a touchdown. But the Redskins clearly let up when the whistle blew and the flags flew. The Washington defense did not participate in the play. Had the whistle not blow, they may have sacked Warner. Jason Taylor and Rocky McIntosh had a bead on Warner and didn't go after him after the whistle. They may have batted down the pass at the line. They may have intercepted the pass. We don't know because the whistle blew.