College Football 2011: The Preseason Top 25, Cheerleader Edition

Christopher HowlandCorrespondent IIIFebruary 11, 2011

College Football 2011: The Preseason Top 25, Cheerleader Edition

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    Before college football preseason polls come out, we need to recognize the college football hottest cheerleader poll.

    As football teams prepare all offseason to battle it out on the gridiron, the cheerleading team also puts in a lot of time and effort to help distract us from the actual game going on.

    This whole list is purely speculation and opinion-based on my part, but I've had some years of experience when it comes to the females, so I hope you enjoy the 2011 College Football Preseason Poll: Cheerleader Edition.

25. Louisiana State University

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    As the football team will presumably crack the top 10 in the actual polls, the cheerleading team starts us off at 25.

    The south has always been a hot bed for gorgeous girls, and there's no better places for females to get that sought-after attention than on the cheerleading team. 

    Louisiana State starts us off on the right note at number 25.

24. University of South Florida

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    Despite USF really being located in central Florida, the Bulls of Southern Florida know how to rep the state well.

    Once again, the south bodes well for beautiful women, especially college women.

    USF is no exception, ranking number 24 in our countdown.

23. Florida International University

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    Remaining in the great state of Florida, the Florida International Panthers from Miami, FL are at number 23.

    When the football team under-performs on the field, fans can always count on the FIU cheerleaders to cheer them up with their stunning looks. 

22. University of North Carolina

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    The Tar Heels always put a great product on the basketball court and the cheerleaders make it that much better.

    Tar Heel football is once again coming back to national relevance, and with the team comes its cheerleaders.

    North Carolina fans know what I'm talking about. It's always a great sight in Chapel Hill, NC. 

21. University of Washington

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    It gets cold in Washington state, and the cheerleaders dress accordingly.

    Even though they aren't usually dressed like how we'd assume cheerleaders should be, they're looking pretty good nonetheless.

20. University of Nebraska

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    A good ole' southern girl can be found through the University of Nebraska, but the best ones will be seen on the cheerleading squad.

    The Cornhusker girls are great on the field, but I hear their real area of expertise is shucking all that corn grown in Nebraska. 

19. Virginia Tech

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    I've personally seen the cheerleaders from VaTech and let me tell you something, they are fire.

    Don't know what "fire" means?

    They're smokin'.

18. University of Iowa

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    Never really thought the cheerleaders from University of Iowa would crack the top 20, but then again I never really thought they had cheerleaders in Iowa.

    Truthfully, I don't really know much about Iowa besides the fact that their girls...are gorgeous. 

17. University of Oklahoma

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    Well, HELLO THERE!

    The University of Oklahoma always puts a great product on the football field, but sometimes they're overshadowed by fans for the cheerleading squad.

    Well, maybe not all fans, but definitely by me!

16. Texas Christian University

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    What's that you ask? What's better than a hot, southern cheerleader?

    How about a hot, southern cheerleader who also has some moral and religious values.

    Yeah, these cheerleaders definitely encompass all of that, and all we fans can do is thank GOD.

15. Boise State University

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    You thought TCU's cheerleaders were great because of their modest viewpoints? 


    Boise State tops them by landing at number 15 for their mostly Mormon and largely attractive cheerleaders.

    Nothing is better than a girl you can take home to Momma.

14. Baylor University

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    You can never go wrong with a cheerleader from Texas.

    The Baylor cheerleading squad is a testament to that statement.

    The football team may be so-so, but the cheer team gets an A+ and number 14 rank.

13. University of Georgia

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    Back to the southern girls, you can just never go wrong.

    Flat out gorgeous.

    There are no other words to describe it.

    The Dawgs know what they're doing up there and the cheerleading team is proof.

12. University of Alabama

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    I feel like this should have been a ranking of the hottest cheerleaders from the south because these southern girls are dominating the poll.

    Tuscaloosa, Alabama is well known for its football team, but I bet some of that success has to do with the cheerleading squad.

    Who wouldn't want to perform well with these girls cheering you on?

11. University of Miami

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    Miami is known for smokin' hot bodies, so why would the cheerleading team be any different?

    If any location could produce the hottest girls, it's got to be Miami.

    The beaches, night life and athletics all speak well to producing a great cheer squad.

    The U comes in at 11, but puts up a great fight against other rival Florida schools. 

10. Ohio State University

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    Ohio State cheerleading loves to show skin even in cold Columbus, Ohio.

    I hear OSU is a great place to go for competitive cheer, as it boasts one of the best teams in the nation.

    Being great at cheering and having the looks to make men stare can also help the team crack the top 10.

9. Arizona State University

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    Being a former number one party school, you know the cheerleaders need to rep it too.

    Just look at that flexibility. Crazy.

    A lot higher on some other cheerleading polls I've come across, ASU settles in at number nine in this poll due to the many more deserving squads to come. 


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    A motto I try to live by: You can never go wrong with a girl from Cali.

    UCLA is not only in California, but it gets better as the school is located in Los Angeles, CA.

    I'm sure the tryouts are pretty tough for the cheerleading team. There has to be tons of gorgeous girls hoping to make it.

    Too bad all of them couldn't. 

7. University of Florida

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    Back to the state of Florida, and the University of Florida represents the southern state very well.

    Also previously ranked as a number one party school, the cheerleaders make it that much better.

    Smart, hot, tan girls from Gainesville: What more can you ask for?

    Personally, I'd rather take a smart, hot, tan girl from Tallahassee, but we will get there soon enough.

6. University of South Carolina

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    Cute girl with some wild hair.

    The Gamecocks from South Carolina know how to perform for Coach Spurrier on the football field, and the cheerleaders know how to distract fans from the sidelines.

    Sounds to me like a win-win.

    Maybe that's why the team choked in the Chick-fil-A Bowl game against Florida State.

    Just saying...

5. Auburn University

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    After a National Championship victory, one would assume Auburn would be number one right?


    The girls are attractive, yes.

    The cheer team is skilled, correct.

    But they can't be number one, especially after seeing the girls coming up.

    War Eagle nation has a lot to be proud of however, especially with their cheerleading squad. 

4. University of Oregon

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    The Ducks from Oregon put up a great fight at the beginning of 2011 during the National Championship game, but it just wasn't enough to stop Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers.

    But they did beat the Tigers in one very important category: hottest cheerleaders.

    See Oregon fans, you guys do have something to cheer about until the new season begins.

3. University of Texas

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    Back to the larger-than-life state of Texas, where they breed them as good-looking as it can get.

    UT has been known for a while now as a school of beautiful people, and its cheer team is the epitome of this undocumented philosophy.

    The girls are gorgeous, yes. But who is that guy in the middle?

    It's killing me...I feel like I've seen him a couple of times in a Will Ferrell movie.

2. Florida State University

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    It was tough naming my school and my team second best, but for the purposes of this poll, I guess that's how it's got to be.

    FSU has always been known for fostering gorgeous people, especially the ladies. 

    FSU is consistently ranked in the top 10 party schools list, and its cheerleading team is no downfall to the school.

    I see these girls on a consistent basis, whether in class or around campus, and all of them (and I mean ALL of them) are so fine.

    The final two spots were a tough toss-up, but FSU was edged out by the slightest of margins.

    GO 'NOLES!

1. University of Southern California

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    Southern Cal takes our number one spot for the most hottest, the most gorgeous and the most beautiful cheerleaders in all of college athletics.

    California has and will continue to be a hot spot for pretty ladies, and it seems like a great majority of them want to get their education at USC.

    Congrats to the Trojan cheerleaders of SoCal, you guys are number one and deserve everything that comes with the number one rank in a fictitious poll.