Paul Henderson's Goal in the 1972 Series: A Proud Moment in Canadian History

John VukovicContributor IIAugust 13, 2011

Paul Henderson's goal is one of the proudest moments in Canadian history. It is commemorated on  Canadian coins, in beer commercials, and all sorts of hockey memorabilia.

The Dominion Institute, one of the modern leaders in preserving Canadian history, made an on line survey in the year 2000 called "The Greatest Event in Canadian History."

The survey allowed Canadians to vote for the event they felt was the most significant in Canadian history, and Paul Henderson's game-winning goal was ranked as the fifth greatest event in the entire history of a country.

I guess that most Canadians don't realize that we had to cheat in a most insidious manner for Henderson to have the opportunity to score that goal. We were down 3 games to 1 and Valerie Kharlomov was dominating the series.

Bobby Clarke took it upon himself to rectify this situation by deliberately and viciously breaking Kharlomov's ankle, and without Kharlomov on the ice, the Canadians were able to come back and win the series.

Maybe most Canadians are unaware that this is how we won the series or maybe they thought that it was only fair considering we didn't have our best player; Bobby Orr, who was injured at the time.

I don't know, but I think they should be ashamed and that Bobby Clarke should have been jailed and permanently banned from the NHL and international play.

I call him "Tonya."