Tottenham Fans Celebrate As Olympic Stadium Move Ends

Daniel WoodleyContributor IFebruary 11, 2011

There were euphoric scenes in Egypt when President Hosni Mubarak decided to step down in power, after 30 years of ruling. In the UK, there are thousands of Tottenham fans celebrating the Olympic Park Legacy Company’s decision to award West Ham United the Olympic Stadium after 2012.

For the through and through Spurs fans, fans that have been watching the ‘yid army’ for years and even the younger generation, Stratford wasn’t even an option. The majority of the fans didn’t want the move and this was clearly shown at recent home games against Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers, where fans protested outside the stadium and at halftime.

Tottenham should stay in Tottenham

White Hart Lane is our home, Tottenham is our name and is our home, and North London is our home.

Stratford is not.

What we cannot deny is that the Olympic Stadium is a fantastic stadium and it is going to be a fantastic arena for football, an arena that Tottenham would undoubtedly need if they are going to move to the next level.

Sure, White Hart Lane is not a big enough stadium for a club like Tottenham, who want to challenge for the top trophies and attract the top players. However, moving the club 12 miles east is a total no-no.

As a diehard fan, it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

It may have seemed a viable move for Chief Executive Joe Lewis, Chairman Daniel Levy and the rest of the Tottenham board to move the team to the Olympic Stadium. However, for the people that matter mostthe fansthe move was never in our best interests.

In 2007, Daniel Levy made a catastrophic error in the sacking of Martin Jol. That decision set us back a year and a half and almost got the club relegated.

It seems that Levy hasn’t learned his lesson.

If you take Tottenham out of North London, you not only destroy the heart and soul of the club; you also destroy the traditions of the club.

It was interesting to hear what Harry Redknapp had to say a few weeks ago about their only being 1% of Tottenham fans who actually live in Tottenham and Haringey. This may be true, however, that doesn’t mean you pack up and leave, ignoring everything that makes the club what it is.

Tim Framp, a spokesperson for We Are N17, a group of Spurs fans campaigning against the club moving away from White Hart Lane said, “It’s hard to put into context of football clubs because they are businesses now. But where do you draw the line? As soon as you start taking that view you get into the issue of who makes up the majority of Manchester United fans. Is it 200 million Chinese people? So should United be going out to China and building a 200,000-seat stadium and playing half their games there?”

Of course not. So why should Tottenham Hotspur have to?

Broken Promises

Mr Levy was quoted as saying a few weeks ago that, “99% of Tottenham fans are in support of the move,” and that the fans need to, “remove the emotion” of staying in N17.

Well I can safely assure you that 99% of fans were NOT in favour of the move.

Not that long ago, there was an email sent to all Tottenham Hotspur fan members on the stadium issue. One of the questions in the short questionnaire was about a stadium move. It read something along the lines of, “Would you see a location move away from North London a viable option?”

If you read the forum pages and social networking comments about this question, then you will be aware that the majority of fans opposed the idea of moving away from North London.

Two years ago, the Club and Daniel Levy promised fans that money for a new stadium wouldn’t be an issue. That the money wouldn’t affect the transfer market, it player contracts or anything else.

It's been two years since that day and we clearly have not moved on from the financial issues for a stadium.

All the plans for a new stadium, a stadium that could host top class football and other events, clearly have not happened. We are still in the same position except that now, we are told that financially, the move is not viable.

 As for suggesting that Tottenham fans need to, “remove the emotion” of moving to a different location, I take it as a personal insult. How dare someone question fans who have grown up with the club since birth, with some fans following the squad since the glory days of the 1960s!

Levy is clearly a money maker, who hasn’t got the Spurs faithful at heart.

Not only has Tottenham come a long way a short space of time, but the community of Tottenham have also come a long way in that time.

If you move to Stratford, you not only ruin the fulcrum of traditions and history with Spurs, but you also destroy a community which has given this football club so much through the years.

What Tottenham Hotspur needs is a new stadium and I can guarantee the majority of Spurs fans will agree with this. However, we need a stadium situated in North London, not anywhere else.

Mr. Levy may say that the Northumberland project is "dead in the water" due to the costing. However, if you want to move onto the next level, then sometimes you have to take those risks.

Arsenal have moved to a 60,000-seat stadium and it has done them no harm at all. In fact it cost them a fortune at the time.

But they have come out of it in good nick.

So why can’t Tottenham do the same?

It seems to me that Daniel Levy is frightened to put his money where his mouth is.

But he is ready to pay £30m for a Premier League reject in the name of Giuseppe Rossi and he is ready to part with £24m for Andy Carroll. Both strikers that effectively won’t move the club forward.

However, when he is asked to by the fans to consider building a new stadium, he  says it is too expensive.

The Future

So ,what's next for Daniel Levy and Tottenham Hotspur on the ground issue? Where is his next stupid move going to take us?

Shall we move to West Ham’s old ground, Upton Park?

Or is he going to embarrass the club further by trying to move us to Wembley Stadium?

You may laugh, however nothing surprises me in football, and who knows what Daniel Levy is thinking next. 

He has got on the backs of the Spurs faithful one too many times.

Swapping and changing management is one thing, but trying to move us from North to East London is just unforgivable.

As a boyhood Spurs fan, I resent any move away from North London.

Tottenham belong in North London, we belong in Tottenham and that is where we shall stay.