WWE Over the Limit 2011: How To Book the Return of WarGames

Joe HubbsContributor IIFebruary 11, 2011

In a fit of nostalgia following my article on the evolution of cage matches, I got to thinking about how much I used to love WarGames matches. Not those in the later years, so much, but the early ones, pitting Dusty Rhodes and a crew of faces against the Four Horsemen.

Those matches were well-booked epic encounters, with well-established feuds throughout.

So, I wanted to set up a couple of hypothetical WarGames matches at the Over The Limit pay-per-view in May with current WWE superstars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than one “this very rings” in a WWE arena, so first we have to break that mold, but I’m all for it.

Besides, innovative superstars like John Morrison, Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne could have a field day with the extra ring. (I would also want them to bring back the ramp that goes from backstage to the ring for this one-night-only affair, just to give us the full effect!)

The biggest barrier (besides the fact that this will never happen) is that members of the two units I would use as the villainous teams from Raw and Smackdown (Nexus and Corre) are not sufficiently developed.

So, before we even get to the event, I would want them to do some work on their own.

On Smackdown, Jackson continues a lengthy feud with Big Show, as both trade victories at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules.

Meanwhile, Gabriel and Slater win the tag-team straps from Santino and Vlad at WM, then retain them in a series of matches against the Usos on Raw and the newly-formed yet quite impressive tag team of Trent Baretta and Tyler Reks on Smackdown. (It’s all I could come up with for a face team given Smackdown’s current roster).

If Edge gets locked into a head-to-head feud with Barrett after dropping the World Title to del Rio at WrestleMania, we have our SD matchups set.

On Raw, Husky Harris returns and resumes his partnership with McGillicutty, and the two feud in a series of singles and tag-matches with the Usos, who have by this time established themselves with a few good fights against the new tag-team champs, Slater and Gabriel, in the weeks after WrestleMania.

Mason Ryan develops a heated feud with Mark Henry and they have a few high-profile matches on Raw and at Extreme Rules. Otunga and R-Truth get into a light feud as well, and Cena resumes his quarrels with CM Punk after not winning the WWE Title from The Miz at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules.

So, our matches look like this:

Smackdown WarGames:  The Corre (Barrett, Jackson, Slater and Gabriel) vs. Edge, Big Show, Trent Baretta and Tyler Reks. I see Big Show getting somehow debilitated (handcuffs?) and Baretta tapping out after Barrett introduces a new, punishing submission hold, perhaps a new version of the cross-faced chicken wing (who doesn't want to see that back???).

Raw WarGames: Nexus (Punk, Otunga, Ryan, McGillicutty and Harris) vs. Cena, Truth, Henry and the Usos. SuperCena is going to win this with an STFU on Otunga while the other embattled members of Nexus just watch from the other ring.

This finally gives Otunga cause to exit the group as they leave him hanging out to dry and then continue to beat him down after the match is over and the victors leave the ring, setting up a summer of Otunga vs. Nexus.

There are some admitted holes in these lineups, but perhaps by the time this PPV would take place in May, the characters, storylines and feuds could be built-up enough to make them more interesting.

On this same PPV, The Miz could defend his WWE Title against Morrison (finally on PPV!) and Del Rio could be locked into a feud with Orton (who was traded to SD in the draft). In addition, Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan square off one-on-one for the U.S. Title, Sheamus takes on Rey Mysterio (traded to Raw in the draft), a face Jack Swagger takes on Dolph Ziggler one-on-one and Cody Rhodes battles Kofi Kingston for the IC Title.

Plus, some diva match.

So, the Over The Limit PPV is set. WarGames returns.

We'd have two rings and side-by-side house matches throughout the evening, with a roofed cage lowered onto them for the opening and closing WarGames bouts.

Morrison does some crazy twirling stunt from one ring to the other to take out The Miz and win his first WWE Title. Orton fails to defeat del Rio but does a spot with his suspended DDT in which he pulls Del Rio through both rings.

Lots of crazy stuff could happen at this one, and I bet it gets a great buy-rate.

But, again, this is merely wishful thinking.