The Art of Diving: A Footballer's Guide

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer ISeptember 22, 2008

Warning : Diving is cheating, and ruins the spirit of football. Don't drink or dive.

But nowadays, many footballers are famous for diving. Haven't you wondered what is the secret to successful diving? Well, don't ask Rivaldo, for sure.

If you feel strongly about diving, you don't have to try it. Just knowing what it is might give you an idea when an opposition player is diving, or trying to get you a card.

Now, I never dive. Well, not never, only when its absolutely necessary, for example when another player kicks my leg real hard and doesn't get a card. That I suppose wouldn't be a good enough reason to dive, but when the same player gives you a mocking smile behind the referee's back, its time to take action.

Lets see how.


1)  Practise falling  

You can't really dive if you don't know how to fall !


2) Be sure of the referee   

It would be advisable to avoid diving if the referee is too strict.


3) Wait for player to make a tackle

It would be stupid to fall if there are no opposition players around you.              


4) Once the player is close enough and makes a tackle, fall convincingly

Act like you're injured and make it seem like you are in pain. Now remember, don't hold your face if the player didn't come in contact with any part of your upper body. You are not Rivaldo.


5) Don't over do it

Do not cry or yell at the referee if he hasn't given it a foul. Don't over-act. Do not pout. If the player gets a card, do not wink at the coach. You are not Ronaldo.


6) Stay on the ground even if you do get a card

It will be obvious if you get up immediately.


7) Don't dive too often- Diving frequently might result in a bad reputation. You will constantly be kept an eye on by referee's, opposition players, and even fans.



And a final tip—let the referee know your being fouled by a player even if you're not and fall as soon as that player makes a tackle. See what happens then!

 P.S. Diving means falling and if you don't know to fall the right way, you might really get injured and won't have to act, and that will be more amusing than an actual dive!


Good luck!