Luis Castillo, MVP Of The Second Annual Mets Collapse

Christopher TricaricoContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

On September 22nd, 2008, I attended a baseball game with my father for the second time in three days.  We watched the second to last game at Yankee Stadium on Saturday and we watched Monday night's Mets game as well.  I had more fun at Yankee Stadium while cheering for the Yankees to win the game in the bottom of the ninth than I did watching my favorite team, the Mets, tonight at Shea Stadium.

Now I am a Mets fan that loves his team more than anything.  Just to give you an idea of how much I love the Mets, here are some examples. 

When I hear the opening theme on SNY and WFAN, I get so pumped up that I have to stand up and just cheer.  When I watch old clips of the Mets winning the division in 2006 and winning Game Six in 1986, I get chills and my eyes start to well up with tears.  I can't even help it.  I watch every inning of every game that I'm available to watch, regardless of whether they are losing or winning. 

I stayed the whole game on Monday night hoping desperately with other die-hards that the Mets could get some kind of rally going.  The best part was that they did have something going until Jerry Manuel left Luis Castillo in the game who had already failed in the clutch so many times before. 

I booed the man as he walked up to the plate along with the other fans in the stadium, our displeasure with his four hits in his last 26 at-bats being displayed.  One fan asked me why the Mets gave him a four-year contract.  I wondered why as Kerry Wood tossed a strike one fastball down the middle. 

Another fan asked why Ramon Castro wasn't pinch-hitting.  Similar questions floated through my head as Kerry Wood hurled strike two.  The stadium fell silent as Wood dealt his final pitch of the evening, a fastball that Luis Castillo didn't swing at.  A check swing doesn't count as a swing.  That was strike three, the ball game was over, and Luis Castillo walked off the field after making the final out for what felt like the tenth time this month. 

My favorite part was the sarcastic "MVP" chants that rained down on Castillo as he stood up for each at bat.

I don't think Luis Castillo even cares anymore.  He is offered the chance to play second base full time for some reason and he is not taking advantage of the situation at all.  Give me 40 million dollars over the next four years, give me all the time in the world to work on hitting, fielding, and running, give me the full-time job at second base and watch me perform better than that bum. 

You know what, just give me enough money to eat and to find a place to live, forget the 40 million.  I'd still play with more heart, more energy, more desire, and more ability than Luis Castillo.  I can honestly say that because I truly believe it.

Clearly, my little scenario is not going to happen.  I understand this so I will now present viable scenarios.  Put anyone who is sitting on the bench right now at second base instead of Luis Castillo and I bet that the Mets will get more production. 

Heres an even better idea!  Shake things up by taking Aaron Heilman and putting him at second base and then place Luis Castillo in the bullpen.  Another guarantee for more production.  If anyone gets the chance, let Omar Minaya know that I'm quite available and can come up with many more solutions to the Mets problems that will work out better than things are now.

Thanks, and let's go Mets!