2011 NFL Lockout: Why It Would Be Especially Devastating to Green Bay Packers

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2011 NFL Lockout: Why It Would Be Especially Devastating to Green Bay Packers
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The NFL lockout would have an apocalyptic impact on the devout NFL fan. No NFL for an entire season, no teams to follow and cheer for, no fantasy football, no Super Bowl parties, and no hope after a long Monday in the winter. For many fans, it would feel like having their insides ripped out by greedy millionaires (and billionaires) who care only about the business side of the game.

Unfortunately, the NFL is a business, and a deal between NFL Players Association and the owners must be made to avoid a lockout in 2011.

Some teams will be effected more than others by the loss of a year of games. Not to mention, players' careers and stats are on the line.

Teams like Carolina, Buffalo, Denver, Arizona, and Cleveland are rebuilding; a year off wouldn't affect their chances at the Super Bowl whenever play resumes. But teams like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and the New York Jets are built to win now. Veteran players would become a year older and the teams might not stay focused after an extended offseason.

The Green Bay Packers just won the Super Bowl and by the start of training camp, barring a lockout, they'll be even better than before. With six starters returning from the IR and all the young stars improving, who can stop this team in 2011?

Cheeseheads are pumped for the Pack to dominate the NFC North, as they anticipate cheering for their team at Lambeau throughout the playoffs and repeating as Super Bowl champions. But all of these high hopes will be dashed, or put on hold, if a lockout occurs.

What will the people of Packer country do? Go south and watch the Milwaukee Bucks? The Packers are all that Green Bay holds dear. It will be a long, cold winter if the Frozen Tundra remains empty.

The Packers are ready to go out and defend their title, and a lockout would be devastating to Titletown. Even QB Aaron Rodgers is already excited for next year saying, "Let's go get another one".

Will veterans Donald Driver, Charles Woodson, and Chad Clifton retire if there's a lockout? Who knows, maybe Favre will decide to return after a year of recovery in Mississippi.

But don't worry too much Packer-backers. If there is no NFL season in 2011, then at least the Packers would technically be world champions for a year longer.

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