2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton Media Workout: Success Or Fail?

Matthew AdamsContributor IIIFebruary 11, 2011

SAN DIEGO, CA - FEBRUARY 10: 2010 Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton of Auburn throws the ball during his workout routine for the media at Cathedral High School's sports stadium on February 10, 2011 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kent Horner/ Getty Images)
Kent Horner/Getty Images

Today, Cam Newton performed in a workout open to the media in San Diego, California.

Much will be said about this workout, but when it comes down to it, it has no importance at all. It is unclear why Newton decided to hold this workout because the media is not the group that will be making the draft picks come April.

It would make more sense for Newton to wait until his pro day or combine to show of his skill set.

Newton was a fabulous college quarterback, but that success doesn’t always transfer over to the NFL.

He has a powerful arm, is strong and mobile in the pocket; however, he isn't used to taking snaps from under center or running a pro-style offense. An NFL team will attempt to make a reach for him and it will only go downhill from there.

The situation will most likely turn out like the Jamarcus Russell affair, and will leave neither party happy. Newton’s idea for the media day was likely to prove that he was a harder worker than Russell, but this one workout shouldn’t make a difference. 

One person who was all over this workout was Trent Dilfer. Dilfer believed that Newton had an amazing workout and was going to move up into the top five picks of the first round. It seems highly unlikely that this workout, which has not even been seen by scouts or by teams, would translate into that type of rise.

If Newton performs well at the combine, then I would be able to agree with Dilfer, but this one workout won’t define anything. 

Other draft analysts such as Mike Mayock don't agree with Dilfer's statement and believe that Newton doesn't truly have what it takes to be a NFL quarterback. Based on what we have seen so far, I would have to agree with Mayock because there is no reason to believe Newton will be any different than Russell or even Vince Young

Having a guy like Newton on the team would only be a distraction. He’s father, Cecil, will be a distraction and it will cause unnecessary problems for any team. Most of the teams in the first 15 picks also have needs at other positions, and if they were going to draft Newton, it would be unwise to do so until the second round at the earliest.

Picking him in the top five would be a reach, and seems unnecessary when there are other good players that could also help your team benefit.

I will applaud Newton for trying, but we will see how important this workout truly is once we see his performance at the Scouting Combine, and at his Pro Day. It will be interesting to follow Newton through his career, and see if he is as hard a worker as he is trying to be.

For Newton, he needs to rid himself of distractions and get himself ready for the Combine and his Pro Day.

Forget about the media. Forget about everything else. Focus on football.